Dry Falls

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Scott Salzer, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Headed over on DF on Friday. Hit the lake the same day. Not much to report. Only three to to net. Mix of bugs so that won't help.

    Back on the water on Saturday. Slow for me but did manage 10-12 to the net. A real mix of catching bugs - olive / black WB, SJW-red, black 18 chronie. No real size but nice, healthy fish. Heard, unconfirmed reports of 20+, 5 lb fish - by one person. Not sure that I have seen that big is fish from the dry side - excet that, documented, tiger form Lenice. The same reported 14 # fish out of the Nunnally chain, not very plausible, in my opinion.
    Not many people over there.

    Good trip.
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  2. Hey... you know a 5 pounder to a west sider only weighs 2 3/4 lbs on the east side.
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  3. I was thinking about hitting the lake this weekend, but I ended up on the Methow instead. Good report.
  4. Zen - My thoughts exactly.

    Ira - The bobber stuff was tough. I even got two on an emerger on the surface.

    Don't even try the put in below the bathroom - way too shallow.
  5. Good report. I love to fish that lake, although I have not been there for several years. My bad as they say.

    I think Bill was correct about the 5# vs 2 1/2#, East/West thingy, :D
  6. Scott, how was the weather...?
  7. It was decent. Warmer than I expected. Got a bit of rain during the night on Friday but none during the day. It was overcast all three days and the winds were rather light so they really didn't affect where you could fish at all.

    Four other people fishing on Friday and about eight total throughout the day on Saturday. Nobody fishing on Sunday by the time I left.

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