Dry Fly Distillery

Discussion in 'Events' started by miyawaki, Oct 13, 2010.

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  2. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    I've sampled it and it is worth a sip.....

  3. Rob Ast Active Member

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    Not a whiskey fan, but I do love their gin.
  4. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Ahhh..gin. The original co-ed panty remover.:thumb:

    I used to tell some of my restaurant patrons the little saying about gin martinis......
    "Women who drink martinis, should drink only one at the most. Two, and your under the table and three, you're under the host!"
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    They are good guys too. I know one of the owners, Don...my dad and him go fishing pretty much every year since i was young on the Talkeetna in Alaska.
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    What does a bottle of this stuff run? I am solely a micro brew guy but a friend of mine just won a bet with me with that ugly SF Giants victory in the world series :(

    He likes his whiskey :)
  8. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    Don't recall the price for sure, want to say $40 or $50, but the guys from Dry Fly said the whiskey is really limited and sells out quick when they get it. Might be tough to get your hands on... Good luck though! I'm going to pick up a bottle sometime soon, when I find it. There vodka and gin are good too!