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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Camo Clad Warrior, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Finishing up my last flies as we speak. Need the address for the swapmeister.

    I did a size 18 Nut-Brown Visible Parachute with a bit of chartreuse antron yarn for the post so you can see the damn thing

    Not the prettiest thing you ever seen
    but Trout dig it

    The NBVP

    Size 18 5262 Umpqua Hook
    STS Brown Stone Dub
    Chartreuse Antron Yarn Post
    Lite Olive Grizzly Hackle
    8/0 Uni thread
  3. flys ready for the mail.........
  4. There is plenty enough room for ya Sean....I am eager to see your work...

    Addys have been sent to all who has requested....If they dont make it let me know, as I will resend the info...

  5. Got room for one more tyer? If so I'm in with a Miracle Caddis variant.

  6. Thanks. I will tie a BWO pattern I like with the biot body, neat little fly.
  7. Wow, I'm almost done tying for once!!!! PM me your address Camo Clad Warrior when you get time.
  8. Mine are finished! Will be in the mail tomorrow! :beer1:
  9. Thanks DFL I will be waiting by the door...
  10. Recieved flies from DryFlyLarry, Great job Larry.....
  11. Dropped mine in the mail today - guess it will actually go out tomorrow.
  12. I will tie up some Klinkhamers.
  13. Thanks for the pattern Whit, addy was sent Sean....

    Deadline is a few weeks out....
  14. Recieved flies from Western, and they look great....
  15. Another great set of flies from Rob arrived today. Rob I noticed your box included 13 flies. Would you like me to throw your extra back in your box when it is returned?
  16. Nope, I got plenty. extras are for the swap-meister.
  17. For some odd reason the mail ran twice at my house today. In the second delivery was a package from thesankers. Great looking flies. You guys are starting to make me look bad....
  18. mine have been mailed

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