Dryfly Steelhead Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. It's time to catch some steelhead on surface flies. Here's your chance to shine. Would love to see some nice skaters or whatever suits your fancy! I'm looking for 10 tiers with a deadline of September 7. No slackers, September 7. I will be tying a "Steelhead Bee". I need these by September 7th because I will be heading to Idaho, Oregon and maybe farther for several weeks chasing mostly trout. Well, maybe steelhead too! Any takers? :)


    #1- dryflylarry--Steelhead Bee
    #2- Big Tuna--Steelhead Caddis
    #3- Cameron Derbyshire--Unknown Masterpiece at this Time..
    #4- D3Smartie--Another Unknown Masterpiece
    #5- Mumbles--After Dinner Mint or Riffle-Dancer
    #6- reamse--Scarab Beetle & Stunted Madam X
    #7- Jeremy Floyd--Assassin
  2. I'm in w/ a Steelhead Caddis.
  3. I'm in. I'll figure out which tie in the next week.
  4. Thanks Big Tuna and Cameron!! Come on, steelhead fanatics, sign up here!

  5. "WANTED" - Hotshot Steelheaders on WFF to tie their favorite dry fly! :thumb:
  6. I'll give it a shot larry. a small wog of some sort
  7. Thanks D3Smartie! Hopefully we can get more people if they're not out chasing too many coho! :thumb:
  8. After asking DFL, he's letting me in. Sorry guys, rookie tyers need the pressure to grow. I'll start searching for a nice dry steelhead pattern and try not to embarass myself.
  9. Ok Mumbles... You are in. :thumb:
  10. I'm in with a steelhead beetle or something terrestrial like.
  11. I'm looking at a pattern called "after dinner mint" and another called "riffle-dancer". I think I'll be trying one of those.
  12. Great! Thanks for participating reamse! Looking forward to it. :thumb:
  13. OK. I give. You "wetfly steelhead sissies" will be ALLOWED to sign up!! Show us your stuff!! :beer1:
  14. maybe just go with 6 Larry and get 2 flies of each pattern?
  15. That is a good idea. We will plan on that if there are no more takers! Where are all those hotshots on here that claim to be steelheaders!? They must be all wet! :p
  16. I will get in.

    I have to report to Cali Sept 1 so I will get these in the mail before then and I won't be able to actually see mine until the 28th of Oct because I have to travel from Cali, straight to Boggans on the Grande.

    Do surface scum flies count? You still see the take really well even though they are an inch or so under the water. If so I will tie an Assassin. If not I will tie a copper herniator skater. That is, unless we are doing two each and then I will tie both. I will need to know within a week though please because I am tying like mad for the next two months of solid fishing...
  17. Ada Boy Jeremy-

    We'll take surface scum. I would say if we don't get any more tiers, then we will do 2 each if everyone can handle that. I say we make the decision here Monday nite. I'm fishing tommorow. I personally would probably prefer your skater. You're in Dude! Thanks for joining in.
  18. Personally, I rather tie 1 fly and 2 for Larry as D3 suggested. Two apiece could be a little tougher to get accomplished. However, I'll go with the flow, so if y'all decide to go w/ 2 I'm still in.
  19. OK I will plan on just one fly then. Assassin it is.
  20. I can tie ugly ass flies fast as you can drink ice cold beer on a hot summer day. Tell me how many per person and I'm there. I need the practice anyway. You have to tie a lot of ugly files to get good at tying ugly files, right?

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