Dryfly Steelhead Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by dryflylarry, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Should we post when we're done to get the address or are you going to PM everyone where to send it?

    Got some new materials gonna start soon.


  2. OK I just finished mine. I need an address.
  3. Last Chance for Signups!! Dry Fly Steelheaders?????
  4. I'll tie 12 total 6 of one variation 6 of another, one might be just a regular old standard to speed up the process but the other will be a good solid attempt at something new, i'll get crackin tonight.
  5. It appears we are tying 12 flies, so we each get two. That is what D3Smartie is suggesting and I think that is fine. If Jeremy is rushed, we only need 6 from him. :)
  6. looks like 14 for two each?
  7. I tied a lot of them.. They get a lot of use in Cali, so I am way ahead now. I have about 4 dozen of them.
  8. Ah you're the man Jeremy! You only need to tie 12 unless we return your flies to you. There are 7 tiers and you are one of them! :D
  9. oh thats right.. cant count (second swap only)
  10. Mailed them this morning Larry.
  11. Two flies for each of the other six tyers, right? That is 12 of the same fly! I was initially thinking tying two patterns and sending one each. I've tied my pilot versions of both the patterns I was considering. I'll decide and get started inhaling the spun deer hair clippings. Tasty stuff.
  12. That's ok Mumbles. 12 flies is correct. If you did 6 of each, no problems.
  13. DFL,

    I tied 6 Riffle-Dancer in olive. This fly is freaking all deer hair, which I must admit is my first deer hair attempt. I found it quite tasty all the little bits of clipped deer hair.

    I also tied 6 of the After Dinner Mint in a combo of black and olive. Again more deer hair, tasty stuff. The last of these still needs the muddler head clipped, but I'm ready for an address. Do we have it yet? Do you want photos now too?
  14. I received Jeremy's flies in the mail yesterday. They look great! Pretty juicy! :)
  15. Mine will be ready to ship early next week. DFL- could you post or pm your address? Thanks.

  16. I shipped mine from the post office in Silverdale today. I was tempted to drop them off but I did not want you to think you had a stalker. They should arrive tomorrow or the next day.
  17. Ha! Stalker is a possibility Mumbles. I live sort of at the end of a road and I get no visitors, so if someone comes in my driveway, generally, without calling I know it's a stranger or stalker! Anyway, I have lots to tie still! Thanks.
  18. well I've got 6 foam backed flies done...
    gonna probably finish out my 12 with a #8 bomber that was great on the early season G.R. fish a few years ago :)
  19. I'm done w/ my steelhead caddis and will have them in the mail tomorrow or Fri.
  20. I'm still slowly tying away.... Got Mumbles flies and they look good. A real mouthful! Yum Yum.
    Don't forget to send in $2 for shipping back to you guys. Mumbles forgot, so I guess I'll have to meet him for coffee to deliver the goods somewhere. :)

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