Dubbing mixer/blender?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by troutpocket, Feb 29, 2004.

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    I am a neophyte tyer - did a few wooly buggers last week and am already shopping. I'm looking to set myself up for streamers and nymphs. In one of my books, No Hatch to Match by Rich Osthoff, there is a reference to a dubbing mixer or blender used to create custom dubbing blends. In his case, he suggests increasing the proportion of 'guard hairs' over what you usually get in a commercial dubbing blend. I can't find dubbing mixers listed in the Feather Craft catalog. My questions are 1) does anyone use these things and 2) are they worth investing in for a beginner and 3) if so, where can I order one?

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    Most tiers who blend their own dubbing use an electric coffee grinder. Put the dubbing in and give it a few short bursts; it doesnt take very much. Coffee grinders can be found very cheaply at places like Value Village and other second hand stores. If you're only mixing a very small amount, it's easiest to just do it by hand.
  3. Rob Blomquist Formerly Tight Loops

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    Yes, I use a coffee grinder for dubbing mixing.

    I also use my hands:
    stack the materials to blend, then, holding all of them, pull them apart into two stacks. Stack those on top of each other and repeat until the blend is good enough.

    That method is great from mixing a little dubbing with some flash or simple stuff.

    If you want a real blend, you gotta use a coffee grinder.

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    Mixing cards, or two brushes used for brushing a dog or cat, work really well also. Anymore, the coffee grinder is probably less expensive.