Duct Tape---don't leave home without it.

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by cmann886, May 26, 2013.

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    Went to float the lower Yakima Saturday morning intending on finding some willing bass. My wife dropped me off at the launch, and as I got ready to put my newly acquired (used) buck's bag pontoon in the water I noticed one side looked a little low, so I topped it off again, and heard that unwanted sssssssss. Closer examination reveals a smallish leak on a seam. While I sat their trying to decide what to do, I heard another ssssssssss from the other pontoon I assume it is also a leaky seam. Because I was close to home, I didn't have any duct tape for temporary repairs. So I fished near the launch periodically calling my wife to come pick me up. Three hours later after not getting my wife, I got a hold of my adult son who came and took me home. Which leads me to a few questions. 1. Can I rule out sabotage? my wife won't be rich if I die, but she believes the definition of a fishing rod is a stick with a worm on both ends!!! 2. Can vinyl bladders be repaired? 3. Is a replacement urethane bladder enough better than the vinyl to be worth the cost $80 versus $42? I got this pontoon as a loaner so I can take my sons or a friend along.
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    Duct tape can save the day in a lot of ways. I have had some success in repairing vinyl. A thing that you need to know is was the vinyl damaged causing the leak, or has it just aged long enough that it might be needing replacement. Personally, I think that urethane is a better materials, generally stronger, lighter and more durable from what I've seen and read. If it is a loaner, where will you be storing it between uses? I think that vinyl will be less tolerant to storage outside in the elements or deflated and rolled up to minimize space use. I hope you get it set to be back on the water again soon.
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    While I never leave home without Duct Tape, it is not my first choice for fixing leaks. I carry a product called Tear-Aid, which is what some manufacturers use to fix leaks. It is specific to either vinyl (type B) or urethane (type A) so be sure to buy the correct one. http://www.tear-aid.com/

    I would try to find and fix the leaks before replacing the bladders. However, if you replace them, I'd spend the extra money and get the urethane.
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    Thanks for the lead on Tear-aid. I will have to get one of each type as I have both--- I should be back on the water as soon as I get back from the land of sand and scorpions later this week, but it will be in the other pontoon.