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  1. Back to Foster. I couldn't keep the stupid 8-inch yellow fin perch off my flies! I was using two flies and catching two of the blasted things at a time. Eventually, when the take felt like a perch, I didn't bother setting the hook.

    Unfortunately, this meant that when I finned back to where I was last Saturday, I thought it was a perch so I didn't set the hook and a large smallmouth jumped and spit out my fly. It looked to be the same size as the large one that I caught last week. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was the same fish because it gave me the fin when it jumped.

    The wind wasn't as bad this time so flipping back to the launch wasn't that difficult. But... the boaters kicked it up a notch. They added a new dimension to the term "zoo". I think the boat level and jet skiis was up to 11 on the dial. When I first arrived, there was no one else close to where I was fishing.

    Then I looked up and suddenly.... this:


    Once the noise showed up, that seriously stopped any manner of bite. I did finally manage to land a medium size smallmouth. It took the upper pattern (olive WB)... a perch grabbed the lower pattern while I was taking the hook out of the mouth of the bass. Danged perch!

    I didn't get a single bass with any of the rubber leg patterns I've been tying. Nothing. Evidently, unlike most smallmouth, the bass at Foster are not keen on rubber legs... even when they're black legs. The only patterns that have worked for me to catch the bass have been WBs and mostly in some manner of green color.

    I didn't get skunked and if I was trying to catch yellow fin perch, it was a banner day. But I wasn't... and the blasted things wouldn't leave me alone.
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  2. Gene. Ever heard the saying, when life gives you lemons....
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  3. I heard they taste real good could make some neighbors happy with them.
  4. And that is prezactly why they invented torpedos.
    Get the ones that run shallow and hot.
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  5. They need to dump some brown trout in the lake to thin out the critters. They must reproduce like brook trout.... or chub.

    Landing two at a time does give a 4 weight a little fight but nothing like a smallmouth.

    BTW: the bikini contest was much better this time.
  6. Two things:

    1--by California standards that's wilderness fishing. Seriously…a few boats?? Gawd….we don't start playing dodge 'em until that fleet multiplies by 10.

    2--time for glass. I'm becoming a homer without even catching a fish on one yet. I catch so many sub 15" fish I don't see much of a choice if you're going to enjoy them.
  7. John, I took the photo before another armada showed up :)

    Also... there's a very good reason I don't live in California but in Oregon instead :D:p
  8. Yeah…….I really love it here :mad: It's the weather that holds people. It sure isn't the serenity.
  9. Think I'll deal with the weather.
  10. Gene, I finally went back to the BP....took out the tube. It was like you and the perch. I tried not to hook the little fish like you, but those little guys have huge mouths so my size 4 popper caught a bunch of sub 7 inch bass. I had maybe one good one come up, but had a take on almost every cast. I'm going to get some bigger hooks.......at least there weren't any waterskiers, but no bikinis either.
  11. I tried using larger patterns to discourage the perch but they still pecked at the flies so it didn't accomplish me much.

    I think I will work on a yellow fin perch bait fish pattern to use for the smallmouth. There's a very could chance the smallies feed on the small perch.

    Ah yes, the plague of the small fish ... I've ran into the problem in many different fisheries while fishing for many different species. The small fish outrace the large fish to grab our patterns.
  12. Good luck. The perch fry hatch at Crowley Lake is my favorite time to fish, and getting adult perch is just part of the day. They aren't that small though, about the same size as the smallest trout, 12"-14", and fight pretty well at first . We probably get 50/50 during that time. Olive Matuka is the standby there. If they become a big problem we switch to bobbers. They don't seem to take the buzzers as often.

    For smallies you might try a Dahlberg Diver. I don't know if the perch will take those as they are a pretty hefty pattern, and work well in some lakes for me.
  13. Delicious little buggers, more like "YUM" perch. I was wondering what kind of fish might be in Foster (looked bassy for sure) when I was driving by last month on my way back from Davis. I was tempted to stop and launch the toon but still had 3+ hours to get home and it was getting late. I might have stopped anyway had I known it was loaded with yellow perch - and I had something lighter than a 7 wt with me.
  14. Silver... Foster isn't really that far from Camas. Please drive down and remove as many of the perch as you possibly can! They really like flies :)
  15. This reminded of Friday night fish-frys in Wisconsin when I was a kid (it's a mid-west thing). I may actually plan for an afternoon at Foster on my next return trip from CO, probably Davis again next year. A 3wt and a cooler full of ice being the weapons of choice.
  16. Considering you're targeting the perch and not the smallmouth... you'll end up catching nothing but smallies! You need a smallmouth set up like I'm using and claim your fishing for bass so you catch the perch :)
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  17. Okay, so if the lake is full of yellow fin perch, it stands to reason that the smallmouth bass feed on the suckers.

    Sooooo....... I came up with this guy to try the next time I fish Foster for the bass:

    perch web.jpg
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  18. Always admired a man that fished for perch and ATE them. My only regret is that I didn't get an invitation to the feast. I have beer. :)

    I just came across a half dozen poppers that I had misplaced. Do smallies like poppers? On a two wt?
  19. Wow that's a nice one
  20. Yup. Smallies do like poppers. I do best with the "pencil" style early in the morning or late in the evening. I haven't tried them at Foster...

    I'm not sure why.

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