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  1. cutt1227.jpg cutt2.jpg hood1.jpg hood2.jpg hood3.jpg cutt1227.jpg cutt2.jpg hood1.jpg hood2.jpg hood3.jpg I decided to wander out to a favorite beach of mine today. Low tide was at about 11 AM at 8 foot. Not a great tide, but I hadn’t been to my beach for about 2 months so I thought I would give it a try. One can usually find a fish there, but not always. I moseyed down the trail near the beach only to find the blowdown from the heavy snow that hit out in this area before Xmas. There were about 4 or 5 good sized trees down over the trail. I made my way around them, and got to the beach to find a big beautiful Big Leaf Maple that greets you as you hit the shoreline, down and spread onto the saltwater beach. I proceeded down the beach only to find several more trees stretched out, including a huge cedar. The heavy snows certainly did their thing! I wondered how fun it was going to be to navigate around those when the tide came in. But, I knew I could get thru the wooded upland as I have had to before.
    I had rigged up the old RPL 5wt. before leaving the car, so I was ready to fish when I got to one of my favorite rocks on the beach. The “Popsicle Stick” was ready to go. I got an unexpected strike after about 3 casts, but nothing else until the tide started moving after an hour or maybe less. A light breeze was on the Canal and as good as one can have. I decided to move down the beach around 250 feet away from where I started. I landed a small fish of 12 inches. A made a quick search and had another fish. I moved another 50 feet and tied into 3 fish on about 5 casts. They were all about the same size, 12 inches but feisty as hell. I fought the incoming weeds for a little while, then finally landed a 13-14 inch fish. After landing that fish, I stumbled on a small boulder beneath the water. Ker-Sploosh! As I was backing in thigh high water I tripped. I floundered for a brief moment….. “Ah shit!” Luckily I got my balance and got my right arms soaked pretty well. I also got a little shot of water down my waders. They were wet, but not really soaked soaked. So, I fished!
    I landed two more cutthroats, after the weeds subsided a bit, of around 13-1/2 inches. I fished for about 2-1/2 hours and thought I had enough pleasure for the day. It was good enough for me and not a bad day after all. If only I had a Dunkin Donut and a cup of coffee, I would have stayed out longer! View attachment 22263 View attachment 22264 View attachment 22265 View attachment 22266 View attachment 22267 View attachment 22263 View attachment 22264 View attachment 22265 View attachment 22266 View attachment 22267
  2. Larry,
    PM sent
  3. Hmmm.....same canal, different results.

    Then again, I'm just gettin' into the fly-fishing game after tossin' hardware for a long time.

    I did have fun working on my casting skills. It actually started to feel pretty natural as opposed to several weeks ago when it seemed like more work than pleasure!

    I tend to over-think things sometimes and perhaps that was my problem. Today I kinda concentrated on letting my actions feel natural instead of being goal-oriented (e.g., "Oh man, I have to be able to cast to that riffle out there--why isn't it happening?????") ;)

    Anyway, I hit a beach on the east side of the canal about mid-flood and fished for for about 3 hours with no joy. In the past I've caught fish there with spin gear but today I neither saw or experienced anything fishy.

    But it was a great day.

    I think my casting skills are improving; the weather was nice; the views to the west across Hood Canal were great; not many other folks on the beach; a nice sandwich for lunch.

    I'm appreciative of such blessings! :)

    And just a P.S.: I just had to stop by a little spot about 8 minutes away from the house on my way back home. It was pretty dark but the nearly full moon (full tomorrow) exposed itself for a few minutes. I made about a dozen casts without anything happening but man, it was beautiful with the moon reflecting off the calm water!

    BTW Larry: Nice fish and pics!
  4. Looks like you had a great day Larry, nice report. You know us older guys need to stay upright, of course I shouldn't be the one talking!
  5. Nice
    but some would say rubbing maple bars on your flies makes that bait fishing

    I have taken a dunk a couple times more than I care to
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    nice cutties! ; )
  7. Nice fish and report Larry. I'll meet you out at some point here, been a while!

    Pancho, both fish were photographed in the net, a great and safe way to do it. There is no problem here, lets not try to find one.
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  8. Hey Peter, don't give me a hard time. I keep the fish in the water in the net, until I can get my camera ready. Then 5-10 seconds or less snapped and gone. Otherwise, they are released immediately while in the water. :)
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  9. I see nothing wrong with the fish handling in the pics either. Keeping them in the net is the best way.
  10. Larry,

    your title just mixed two of my favorite things together. Dunkin' donuts and SRCs. I moved out to western washington from Boston about a year and a half ago and sea runs definitely helped me get over my dunkin' donuts coffee run addiction. There's something about the way they put way too much cream and sugar in their coffee that really gets you addicted.

  11. Larry, glad you didn't get hurt on your "trip", doesn't take much when you've seen the number of sunrises we have or the miles traveled. You've always made sure that the fish you've landed weren't harmed, either. Nice fish.
  12. Damn you Larry, here I thought you had found a mysterious local Dunkin Donuts...
  13. Nice fish Larry. It's been a great couple months and the fish are as handsome as can be.

  14. haha. Love you man!

  15. kicking them up on the beach again....?
  16. Yes they are!

    Cool it, Kelvin! ;)
  17. Great report and photos Larry. More to come for you I'm hopeful.
  18. I don't eat donuts, and I grind my own beans, but nevertheless, I will admit that this is a helluva good report! Great pics! Thanks again, Larry!
  19. Dunkin Donuts... Too good to be true...
  20. I could give a rat's about anyone's secret fishing spot. But anyone who can point me to a Dunkin Donuts in WA gets a nice reward.

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