Dusty, Dry Falls, Lenore, or....

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by robtpainter, May 17, 2007.

  1. robtpainter New Member

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    Heading over to Isaac's Ranch on Sunday and then have the next few days to hang a little in Central, WA. Thinking of hiking in to Dusty and posting up there for a few. That is, unless someone out there wishes to compell me to hang around Lenore or Dry Falls....

    Anybody out there with any recent words of wisdom/hot reports to share?

    All the most,
  2. wolverine Member

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    Gotta love fishing for those pet trout at Isaac's over in Coulee City. Other than the $200/tab for it.
  3. Big Tuna Member

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    I fished Dusty a couple of weeks ago and it was slooooow. I spoke to a guy in our local fly shop who said the fish are very deep. That was my same experience at Dry Falls when I fished it earlier in the year. Don't know what's up, but fishing the shoals has not really worked for me this year.
  4. dp ~El Pescador

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    I fished the ranch on Monday, the upper lake under the power lines.
    A lot of fish. Nothing big though. Most were 16-19 inches and I got one at 21.
    olive patterns worked great in the morning and tan killed them in the afternoon.
    Not sure who you are fishing with, but we had 4 Creekside guys there with Jay being our "guide for the day.
    Let me know if you want/need more details. Fun day, besides the long drive home.