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  1. I'm planning on making some trips over to the east side quite a bit this year, and have been thinking of hiking in to Dusty and trying my luck on the fish up there. What can be expected of the lake in March/April/May in terms of conditions, insects, flies, etc? I think it would be an awesome place to fish, and I don't think it's too early to start planning.
  2. There are a couple of ways to hike in. The shorter way is down from the top. A lot of the lake is deep, with the best shoals being at the far (open) end. I have not fished it a lot....in the past 20 years since I have lived out of state. I was there 2 years ago in March. Had a pretty good day, not as many fish as I remembered in the old days, but one 23 or 24 inch triploid and 10 or so smaller fish. There weren't many hatches (a few chironimids) and I caught my fish mostly on a dragonfly imitation fished close to the bottom. It's a nice place to fish.
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  3. Good question Jimmy,
    Although i've never fished the lake yet, I can tell you from past reports (good idea to look them up) that it can be pretty windy there at times and the most success can be had with a floating craft (pontoon, float tube, etc.) you can hike in with.
    My 2 cents worth if it helps.
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  4. You should be prepared for lots of wind. If it's windy in Ellensburg it's probably windy at Dusty. The nice thing is that it can also be very warm and most likely sunny.
  5. Early season, after ice off, the fish are concentrated close to shore for a short period of time. Big fish (in the past) take chironomids pretty aggressively. You don't need a boat early on. After the water starts warming up, the fish go deeper. Leech patterns with a slow retrieve will produce some success. I've also caught fish with a strike indicator and a nymph during certain times, with the nymph about 5-6' under the indicator! My biggest was 30" and my buddy got one olllld fish out of there 4 years ago that went 9 pounds!! I didn't go in last year because of knee surgery!
    Beautiful lake to fish!
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  6. Thanks for the info guys, I should have stated that I have read some of the older reports on the lake but was hoping for some good fresh knowledge. Wind is definitely a concern for me, but I always try to find a way to play it in my favor. The worst is when a heavy wind comes up quickly, which seems to be a big possibility at Dusty.
  7. Dusty's not the lake it use to be. I quit fishing it about four or five years ago. That was about the time the tench showed up.

    Too much deep water and not enough shallow is my take on the lake. If you like fishing deep sinking lines it is a good lake for that.

    Careful hiking in and out on warm, sunny days in the spring. I once picked up a wading boot that dropped off somebodies pack and a snake fell out. Farther on I found the second boot, but did not check for a snake in that one.

    There have been a few break in's in past years, but closing off the second exit I believe has helped that out.

    You might want to tie up a tench pattern and see if it works.
  8. Both times I've gone I've encountered winds that came up after I got there and wasn't able to do much fishing.

    Is the trail that comes into the coulee from the east closed?
  9. How come no one has mentioned snakes yet? Oh I see they were two posts above.
  10. The road from the south was gated according to a sign posted at the north entrance. I never use that entrance. They were hoping to reduce the break ins by closing that entrance to the area.
  11. Thanks Vladimir. I was thinking the foot trails to the lake, and you were thinking the road.

    I also just realized that the lake I thought was Dusty is actually Ancient.
  12. It's a deep water game at Dusty. Lots of wind. Beautiful hike.

    Never seen any snakes, but I know they're there! Got absolutely covered in ticks last year!

    Totally worth it though!
  13. I fished Dusty last March. These are my notes:
    "Nice lake with a modest hike to keep the hordes out. Fairly windy midday but then stopped and the fishing picked up for an hour or so. All my success was on either a black leech or the trailing soft hackle."

    I didn't do any deep water fishing but will the next time. It wasn't a banner day but I did better than the next day at Nunnally. It's a beautiful lake and well worth an attempt.
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  14. I'm thinking the snakes need to be afraid of ME! I like the taste of rattler. Thanks for the info everyone, anything helps.

    I'd say my two biggest concerns for the trip would be the wind and the likelihood of a car prowl. I'll figure out some more details on my plans, and post some of the flies I'll tie in preparation for the basin lakes. I'm looking at fishing big uglies more than anything, I want to increase my chances of hooking up with a true hog.
  15. quote "I release all trout but bonk rattlers" unquote. Jimmydub 2013
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