Duwamish Outlet = Boiling with Fish

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by JayB, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Took a look at the outlets for the Duwamish today to see if there'd be a convenient place to launch my kayak at some point, and saw something incredible in the process.

    The Easternmost outlet to Eliot Bay - not sure if it has a name - must have had 50,000+ fish milling around in the channel. There were schools with several hundred fish milling around from just below the West Seattle Bridge, and it looked like the fish were just as dense all the way out to the bay. Easily 100 jumping at any one time. Something like this might be a routine sight in Alaska, but IMO seeing a run in these numbers staging anywhere in the continental US, much less a river that's been as ravaged as the lower Duwamish, counts as a bona fide natural wonder. Incredible.

    Anyone know if the fish tend to stack up in this channel because it's a dead end? I was so blown away by the number of fish (just watching, not fishing per my understanding of the regs) that I didn't even try to check for hints of a current. Hopefully it's not - as anything that needlessly makes the Duwamish even more difficult for migrating fish would be a travesty of the highest order.
  2. If you really want to see a travesty of the highest order, look at the mob scene of fishermen on the Spokane Street Bridge fishing platform above this waterway, when it opens to fishing tomorrow Sept 1.
  3. Yeah - overheard more than a few comments from folks that were standing there that gave some sense of the magnitude of the unmitigated slaughter that'll commence at dawn tomorrow at that very site...
  4. A WSDFW Bio guy I know told me about a self sustaining fishery the natives manage out of Elliot Bay. They manage their own fishery that results in big returns milling about around the mouth of the Duwamish every year. I bet these are the fish you are seeing. This fishery also contributes to a number of the returns we see on the outskirts of Elliot Bay that can't quite remember exactly where they are supposed to go.
  5. Gonna motor there tomorrow am for the madness, its gonna be a slaughter.
  6. I believe the fish are in pins, but good luck.
  7. What do you mean by pins?
  8. Sorry, I think I meant pens. I don't know exactly what they use to round up the fish, but it's my understanding that these fish are being corraled for use by the tribes. Perhaps he saw something completely different then was explained to me, but that was my first thought when I read this post.

  9. those humpies are not pen raised fish. they go thru the duwamish waterway on their way upriver to spawn in the Green River. It's only been in recent years that the humpy population in the green has exploded
  10. I bet people are just nailing fish left and right today. Dammit!!!! Working and taking my son to soccer practice this evening. Just where does fishing play in that scenario!
  11. Drove out there to fish today - was going to drop the kayak in on the other channel and paddle around to the bit that's closer to the bay to avoid the insanity - and discovered that I had everything I needed except flies.

    The scene on the bridge reminded me of the scenes from battle of Thermopylae in "300," with the phalanx of jean and hoody clad combat fishermen attempting to hold the invading fish at bay with a dense thicket of 30lb mono and pink buzz-bombs.
    "Madness!? THIS....IS...WALMARTAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"
  12. :rofl:

  13. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  14. I found myself fishing at the bridge this afternoon. I had vowed never to return there again to that clusterf__k, but the temptation was too much. Caught my limit (using gear) and lost several others. One guy was asking me if he could have some of my jigs. When I said no, he then offered to buy them off me. When I still said no, he just started using the jigs he had in his tackle box and limited in short order.

    I'm not going back to that clusterf_k (at least that's how I feel now...)
  15. I have fish envy and I don't even know where this place is....

    I've caught ONE DANG FISH this year so far.... A pink on my Fly rod which is the funnest ever, but I don't live near any of these places you guy's have around you...
  16. Great report; substance and form. Nicely written. :thumb:

    Thanks for sharing!
  17. And just how would they 'corral' those pinks? Use seahorses? ;)
  18. that rocks.
    pure balls, love that:thumb: pow
  19. Paul, Giraldo Rivera's got nothing on you! I can't wait to see the sequel with that ass hat wearing some fine stainless steel jewelry. I think some film crew enforcement could be effective. Maybe they should get KOMO News out to catch the phantom shitters at the Skokomish too, catch them in the act of fouling the watershed.

    Did your new poaching friend meet Lance?

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