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  1. I made a "new" pattern I really like, but have a major problem. After I fish it once, the dye from the red marabou leaches into the white marabou. For some reason it doesn't effect the white rabbit strip, just the marabou. Does anyone know of a brand of marabou where the colors don't bleed. I don't want to scrap this pattern, it's too effective.
  2. I'm a fan of Jay Fair marabou. It comes on big feathers and is well suited for tails or dubbing loops where you strip the fibers off the stem rather than palmering the whole feather. Seems to hold color very well although I haven't tied it into a pattern where bleeding through would become apparent. His rust color is a great deep red.
  3. I've never had any marabou bleed on me. Might just be an unusual occurrence. I have marabou from several distributors and never had any color bleed.
  4. Cheap red (or other dark colors) marabou bleeds. I have had that problem before. Simple solution was to tie fresh ones before the trip, and keep them dry until use. That is, don't let them get rain soaked before use, and don't tie up a bunch of them and let them sit. I suppose you could just take the package of you have and soak them in warm water and let them bleed out for a day. I'm going to try that out myself.
  5. I thought it was just the red, but the same thing happened with the olive(a different brand than the red). I've only noticed it when I added white marabou to the pattern. Maybe it's just a bad brand of white that absorbs other colors? I'll also try soaking the red first.
  6. I remember something about using vinegar to lock in the colors on new clothing. Wonder if that would work on feathers?
  7. Really? I regularly walk away from the vise after tying 40 or 50 marabou spiders with my fingers tinted with the darkest color I was working with. I'm often using cheap, bulk stuff that comes in brown paper bags. But the fish don't care. As to colors bleeding, you pay more for two tone dyed feathers. Think of it as you're getting them for free :)
  8. I have had this issue as well. Now I dry my marabou flies with some sort of low heat as soon as I am off the water.
  9. I bought some new brands to try out to fix this. I picked up some Jay Fair(marabou and schlappen) and I really like the quality of the feathers, we'll see how the colors hold up.
  10. its the acid in the vineager that sets the color. if you buy cheaper feathers put them in a glass bowl and put in enough water to get them wet, then just add a few a spoonfulls of vineager. let it set for an hour then rinse in cold water and dry on paper towels. done.
  11. I have tied hundreds of flies using marabou and never had one stain my fingers or bleed. I'm thinking I must be lucky. Vinegar will set dye.
  12. I'd surely like to know the brand you use keith, I would say every brand of dyed feathers I have ever used bleed to some extent or another worse in the salt than in fresh but they all seem to bleed.
  13. About every brand out there. Whatever they have in the local fly shops. I seriously think I'm lucky. I have a friend who dyes his own fur and marabou. He always uses vinegar to set the dye. I have bought from Cabela's and several different fly shops so I must be lucky.
  14. can you post a pic of the fly?

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