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    Anyone been to an Eagles concert in the past few years? I've been wanting to go see them before they call it quits and I see they will be in Vegas this November. I saw them and many other bands during the "Day on the Green" concerts at the Oakland coliseum when I lived in CA. The past few years, the wife and I have been seeing some of the bands we liked back in the day (particularly those with original members, or mostly so). Some have been really good and some not so good. As luck would have it, I'll be in Vegas on business the week before and figure I might was well take advantage. Would like to hear comments on what you thought about the Eagles (or any other of the groups from the 60, 70 and 80's).

  2. Saw Peter Frampton a couple years ago in a local small venue, a restored Fox Theatre. He was excellent! Had just released his album "Fingerprints" with a great tribute to Django Rhinehardt(sp?) and a wonderful version of "Blackhole Sun". Forgot he was only 17 when "Frampton Comes Alive" was released. Also saw Grand Funk Railroad and 3 Dog Night at local county fair (small) venue; both bands played their hearts out and sounded great. I'd never pay the new concert prices, my nephews just ponied up $100/ticket to see a bunch of metal bands at the Shoreline in the bay. I can get 6-10 CD's for that and not have to deal with the crowd.
    Wife saw Foreigner and liked them, also CS&N a couple years back were good. One guy I'd pay to see again is John Prine.
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    I live in a third world country(Montana). I don't see much of anything here. Except tourists.
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    Geez Jim, you're right. I just scanned the web for some shows out your way... how does the Sick Puppies, in Three Forks on August 10th sound? :eek:
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    If you really like the band it can be worth it regardless of what others might say. I paid an outrageous ticket price and drove 4+ hours to see the original Meters just because it might have been the only time I could ever see them and I am that big of a fan. Were they as good as in their prime? Probably not, but I never got to see them back then so this was a good as it gets and was one of my favorite concerts.
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    I used to see the Meters play when I went to. Tulane U in the early 80's. Dixie longnecks and a doz oysters for a buck

    Did not know they still toured.
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    I'm not into this so called new music. Just give me some good old country or maybe CCR or the Eagles. Music from the 60's and 70's will do me fine.
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    "Jesus, man, can you change the station? I've had a really bad night, and I hate the f@cking Eagles!"
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