Early July Montana Report

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  1. This time my dad and i set out for a 3 day trip into Montana. Once againn we decided to focus on the Madison. We drove to warm springs the night of the third and camped in the parking lot there, around midnight. I wanted to night fish there extremely BAD but i was frickin exauseted from work and what not. When we woke up the next morning there was already four anglers on the stream so we packed up and moved on. We pulled into ennis around noon, and decided to keep going. We ended up camping at the slide inn where kelly has a great fly shop with an unbeleivable streamer selection. We fished around raynolds alll afternoon to find the fish in their usual state of finnickyness and flat tough fishing we managed to get some nice fish though. There is a serious polpulation of snakes around the upper madison, DAMN! So many garder snakes and water snakes it is unbeleivable. The water snakes apparently make their diet on sculpins, as more than half of the damn things we saw had a sculpinin their mouth. BADASS huh? Anyway, we stayed at raynolds for the evening caddis which is awesome. Pulled a half dozen or so on dries until it was to dark to safely fish. The next day we decided to check out the salmonfly hatch that was taking place a little down river. We pulled in at south madison to find mobs of people. The bugs were all over everything, but the fish took no notice, so after waiting and burning daylight we picked up camp and moved even further down to varney. Varney is about as close to a guarentee as I can get to catching nice fish. We landed about a dozen fish from 16-20" before those runs decided to not put out any more. We decided to go down to big bend for the evening caddis as that can be rewarding. When we got down there, there was the usual herd of steers staring at us as we fishing. They were maybe 20 yards downstream of me and 10 yards of the river, and the next spot was just past them. So I was walking down past them and looked up at them to see a bull grunting at me about 15 yards away. First though: OH ****, RUNAWAY RUNAWAY! This bull was frontin! I dont think i have ever ran that fast in my life! I made it back up to my dad saying BULL! BULL! BULL!. He looked downstream to see a half dozen angry cows running at us. So we got the hell outta there. Back to the fishing. I intentionaly brought the dry fly rod down so i wouldnt nymph all night when they could be caught on dries. But the hatch hadnt started so i put on a caddis pupa and first cast got a 18" bow. The fish started rising ar dark so we had about 15 minutes to get them on dries. We landed some nice bows and hiked back to the car and then to camp. We got up the next morning and headed down to three dollar to fing some rising fish. I found a nice 20' x 10' pocket with some nice fish rising in it. After watching for 5 minutes a HUGE boil erupts at the head of the pocket. I see a nice golden stone fluttering away. This brown, and honest mid twenties fish, is rising right in front of me. HOLY ****! I flick a goddard uo there and he boils on it. I lift and nothing. My heart sunk. I just missed a fish that people go an entire lifetime with out catching. His tail was out of the water and his orange adipose was rudely sticking out. He dropped back into the deeper part of the pocket. i ended up rising 3 fish and landing on 17" brown out of that pocket. We fished the rest of the morning landing another half dozen nice trout before we had to make the drive back. It was good trip with tough fish and lots of interesting things happening. Heres some pics

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  2. thats rocks Dan !!!! fishin with dad and the Mad no less
  3. Nice report Dan. Your report sure makes me keep wishing I was fishing!!!
  4. I'll be on the Mad next week. Glad to see and hear that things are in full swing up there.
  5. great report and nice looking fish.
  6. did you lose your red pliers?
  7. I have still gottem
  8. looking at the pics, thought they'd fall out!
  9. Nice report, nice fish. makes me wish i was out on the water right now.
  10. Excellent, the kind of trip, where everything came together, and was shared by family, especially good 'ol dad, is what the dictionary calls, "Perfect"

    Enjoyed reading about it and looking at the fish-porn too.


    BTW: I know this great little shop where you can get a haircut, for $8.00 ;)

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