Early Summer in Alaska =

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  1. ak_powder_monkey

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    Sunrise/ Sunset the night before
    This guy freaking ruined the pool
    I fought a fish for 45 minutes with nothing to show for it here, seriously 45 minutes it was big, real big 28-30 I'd say
    Finally landed one a solid 20 inch fish which was freaking easy after fighting 4 consecutive 24+ inchers (stretched out over 2 trips) I could really use a 7 wt
    My buddy john who has fly fished ~3 times in his life always seems to do well on the russian (last time we cught 10 fish in ~20 minutes) good thing he had my 8 wt
    John with an average fish (19 I think) he needs to learn the holdout!
    This was the last fish of the day, it jumped about 8 times and taped out at 22 inches
    All fish were caught on sz. 14 PT nymphs and prince nymphs with beadheads except the last which was on a size 10 stonefly (I saw a stonfly of the same size crawl up my rod while netting the big fish)

    Awesome day, doesn't get much better, 70° John's dad summited Denali today as well!
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    Sweete report. I would love to make it up to the kenai. My wife was up in Ninilchik for 5 weeks last summer and I couldn't get a single day off work.
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    Great photos what did you think of the sun through the smoke clouds from the fire down by Homer?
  4. ak_powder_monkey

    ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

    THere's lots of smoke in the matsu valley now and making its way to the eagle river area, we had a huge thunderstorm the other day and lightning did a number
  5. Great reports and pics.