East Fork Lewis River Camping

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jason.allen, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. jason.allen

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    Hey All,
    I was curious if anyone knew of any camping on the East Fork of the Lewis River. I was looking and it looks like there is a campground at a place called Big Fir. Is it possible to camp along the river in a non pay for camp area? Also I was curious as to where the hatchery is at on the river? I have never been there and look to do some exploring this weekend.
  2. Flyborg

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    I'm not sure if Lewisville park is pay or not, but it's the only camp place I'm aware of that has decent river access. The problem with the East Fork is a general lack of good access. Even public bridges and such are posted "no trespassing" :/
  3. jason.allen

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    After further research i found there is no hatchery on the East Fork of the Lewis. I guess that is why I had so much trouble finding it. I also found that Lewisville park is day use only. Also the regs are confusing. It says after the first Saturday in June above Lewisville park is catch and release for trout (steelhead) except two hatchery fish may be retained. It does also say the water is closed above that line but I am assuming that is for Salmon and other species. Any one have any clarification as to how far up you can fish and if it is worth going upriver?
  4. Rob Allen

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    there is no legal trout fishing in the East Lewis the only thing you are allowed to target is hatchery steelhead..

    Before June 1 the boat launch at Lewisville park was the dead line fos all fishing and all fishing below there was single barbless hook with no bait allowed...

    After June 1 the river is open much further upstream and now all types of gear is allowed but it is catch and release for everything except two hatchery steelhead...

    The river has no hatchery as you recently found out but it is still planted with hatchery summer steelhead..

    no clue about where to camp....
  5. Salmo_g

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    Big Fir was the only campground I knew of and used in the 70s, and I've seen that it is still there. I have no idea what it is like these days tho. I don't know of any other legal camping areas on the EFL.

  6. Steelie Mike

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    I think the closest camping is at Battle Ground Lake or around Lake Merwin. Leave the smolts alone on the EFL. There are too many people killing them during the summer months thinking they are trout.
  7. jason.allen

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    thanks for the info. I have no intention of fishing for trout. I was just quoting the regs. I also called WDFW and it is open above the launch but closed in selected areas, mainly the parks on the upper river. If this rain doesnt quit I will likely end up heading east for trout (not steelhead).
  8. Rob Allen

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    if you are heading south to fish the East Lewis,, now this is just my personal preference but I do not think the East Lewis has a run that is worth traveling to to fish. If you are headed this far south I'd head another 45 minutes south pick up an Oregon License and fish the Clackamas...
  9. jason.allen

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    I am down for anything really. I have never fished either but I do enjoy trying out new rivers but also enjoy even more actually catching fish. I'll do a bit of searching on the clack. If you have any info you'd be willing to share it would be appreciated in a pm. Thanks.
  10. Rob Allen

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    Check out the Oregon Forum on westfly there have been several recent reports.. it seems to have a few fish in it right now.. I am sure the East Fork has a few too but only a few and they will be in specific holes where they are planted and that is where you'll find all the other anglers
  11. Jim Riggins

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    Don't waste your time on the East Fork Lewis. There's no fish here, yes please go to Oregon. Nothing here but meth labs, whiskey stills, hillbilly's playin banjo's and it's littered with garbage and when you do catch a steelhead DON'T tell anyone!;)
  12. constructeur

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    Shoot, this describes any river in Washington.