East Side Carp?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Chris Allen, May 1, 2005.

  1. Not that I've even come close to having my fill of trout, (is that possible?), but all this talk about Carp makes me want to give it a shot. What are some good locations to hit with carp in mind? PM me if you like. Or if you already know of a previous thread that addressed this, lemme know and I'll try to find it. Thanks.
  2. Chris,
    Just about any lake that has shallow area's or flat's are the best, Banks and Sprague are just a couple of them. The only way that I fish for them is to sight fish for them. It is quite the thrill to have a 10-15lb carp take you into your backing a couple of times, and just when you think they are ready to give up off they go again. Gotta try it! :thumb:
  3. Sprague has a lot of big carp. You can see them on the flats, in rocky coves and points, or along the weedlines. When they are active they are almost amusing to watch.
  4. As others have said, Banks and Sprague. Moses Lake is reputed to have huge carp but that size is unconfirmed. The Columbia River has mucho carp as does the lower Yakima River from Prosser to the mouth.

    These are great fun, very powerful, sometimes frustratingly difficult to catch. There is a good article on this forum written by Keith Meyers and there are several other forum members who openly admit to fishing for carp who willingly share info.
  5. Crab Creek north of Moses Lake has carp just about everywhere in it. Sight fishing for them can be a lot of fun.Check out the Gloyd Seeps area off of Stratford Rd.
  6. I havnt fished much up by spokompton, but u could try hitting up any of the smaller warmer creeks, or bigger flats on sprague and banks lk. Watch out for wind, it can mess up the fishing a bit.

  7. I'm just wondering what weight rod you would suggest if you were to go after carp?
  8. I use a six weight rod with 10lb fluorocarbon. Works just fine IMHO.
  9. I second that. I've tried a 6 weight and an 8 weight... with the lighter rod I was able to make the precise casts I needed to hook up with more carp. the 8-weight w/ fighting butt was nice once I hooked one, but I kept knocking them on the head with my nymphs. :beathead:
  10. 6wt should be fine, but a fighting butt really helps. What works even better than a fighting butt is to jam the rod agaisnt a hard object such as a fly box in your vest. You will have more leverage this way.

  11. Zen, what's your favorite leather lips pattern?

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