Eastern WA fishing is heating up!

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  1. Fished a general regulation lake on Thursday in eastern WA that my fishing buddy (who first found this lake) would prefer not to name. Water was very clear and at 59 to 60 degrees, so cool enough for safe fishing for the trout. I landed and released 21 nice rainbows in the 16 to 20 inch range with most at 17 inches, so the action is heating up on our desert lakes! I also landed 3 yellow perch in the 9 to 11 inch range and 3 small bass in the 9 inch range. It is interesting that the rainbows and spiny rays appear to be coexisting successfully in this lake. Wish I understood why that happens at some lakes, but not others. Only saw one gear fisherman at the lake, who was surprisingly skunked while using PowerBait. I caught my fish mostly on waterboatmen patterns and leech patterns, fished on my RIO InTouch Deep 7 full sinking line about 12 to 15 feet below the surface, even over deep water. My friend did similarly mainly with leech patterns. This was definitely quality fishing on a lake you wouldn't otherwise think would be good for trout fishing, showing that you just never know about our desert lakes. You can't just assume that our usual "quality" lakes (e.g., Lenice or Dry Falls) always produce the best quality fishing.

  2. Nice, Rex,. There are some general regulation dry side lakes that do hold quality fish and aren't fished much in the fall.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. The reservoir I fish here in Baker County Oregon is now down to 54 degrees (3500 ft.) and is fishing great in the shallows, 3 to 8 feet with a bobber and bugger. I think the power bait guys at the other end of the lake are getting theirs too.
  4. Thanks for the report. There are quite a few less know lakes that you don't have to share with 20 of your fly fishing friends from Seattle. Some require a long hike and some don't.
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  5. I'm surprised you could even find water over east! A lot of Eastern Oregon quality lakes were all but drained this summer. I don't think I will even make a trip east next spring - It's truly sad!
  6. It's slowly getting better here too. September was possibly the worst month of fishing I've ever had.
  7. Hey Mark, you know I'm talking Pilcher. That lake has quite a bit of water still....the others all look terrible. I'm fishing your bloody mary style flies, only in olive and white and am catching tons of fish, but only to 16" and the big ones are a little skinny. This years and last years planters are fat.....
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  8. I wouldn't even waste the gas to come over to the east side this fall...all dried up.
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  9. Topstory - Especially that water in front of your place.

  10. I wouldn't go that far. Some lakes are really low, especially those tied to irrigation or with houses surrounding them whose wells tap into groundwater sources. I can think of a few lakes that the water levels are higher this year than the last several years. And even some of the low lakes are starting to fish real well now that water temps are starting to come around.
  11. He got ya Trip.....
  12. Trip, Actually Aeneas is higher than I have seen it since I've lived there. They are filling it up to the brim! And actually been fishing quite well. Yet they did recently stock it about 2 weeks ago with a ton of 8-9 inch raindows that love to go after your fly before the old ones can go for it. Deep fishing is the way to go. I was just being sarcastic... sorry:rolleyes:
  13. I figured you were just trying to keep the westsiders' away. But some of the lakes really took a hit this drought year, and some were unscathed. Odd.
  14. When I fished Lenice a couple of weeks ago, it had plenty of water, and this unnamed lake I just reported on also had plenty of water, FWIW...

  15. Dry Falls on the other hand on the way back from Jameson this weekend was the lowest I've ever seen it. Jameson pumped out a ton of fish this year but they were all in the 8" to 10" range with big fish this year being in the 13" range. This is smaller than in years past and I sprained my ankle there to boot.
  16. Hope your ankle heals quickly Ira!
  17. I can second the level at Aeneas, and it fished well for larger fish the last week of September.
  18. For thse who are thinking of hitting Aeneas beofre it closes for the season. It got hit heavy with lice this summer. The fish were covered heavily with them but most of them are clear of the lice now. Occasionlly you pick one up that have a few on them. The lice get in there from the river water that is pumped in. I talked to Bob Jateff about it this summer and there is not much they can do on a lake without killing off the fish and starting over. Speaking of Bob, he has retired! A week ago Friday was his last day. I think he did a lot for the fisheries over here. I wish him the best and hope to see him on the water.
  19. Thanks for the Aeneas information, do we know who is replacing Bob?
  20. The lakes I fish are irrigation reservoirs. We lost the best fishery over here for the second year in a row. But good news today. The fall rains have been making it over this way and my local lake is up almost a foot since Sunday! I went for an hour fished bobbers from the bank and found a nice pod of fish.

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