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  1. Fished three different lakes in the last five days and did not have much success.
    Coffee Pot with iveofione: Caught a few fish in the two days we were there. Water temps 38-40. Wind somewhere between a gale and a hurricanebawling:bawling:Fished from a float tube and on Friday (day 2) I was about 1/2 mile from the launch kicking into the teeth of a gale and it took me almost 40 minutes to get to the launch. Caught fish on black buggers and Red Guinea Carey.
    Ive and I both hooked fish that bent our fly rods double and immediatly broke off.
    3X tippit.
    Fished Amber this morning and got blanked. The wind was brutal and the mixed snow and rain quickly took the fun out of fishing. I wanted to try out my new pram but about 2 minutes into the maiden voyage I dropped one oarlock into the drink. I ended up fishing withh cutthroatking and his daughterin the driftboat for the balance of the short outing.
    Not to be deterred in my quest to try out the pram I got another oarlock and headed to Liberty Lake. There have been reports of browns being caught there. I launched the pram and did a few laps around the launch area and then rigged up and fished for a couple of hours. Once again the water temps were only around 40 degrees. Had a couple of bumps but no hookups.
    The water temps are still too cold for much activity, in a few weeks things will pick up.
    I did get a good trial with the pram. With new oars and oar locks, a swivel seat with a seat back and an anchor system I think it will be a keeper. It doesn't seem like the oarlock position is far enough from the rowers seat but I can address that if it is not right after I get new oars and try it again.
  2. thanks for the report. ill be on fish lake when it gets goin.
  3. Jesse,
    I saw you at Amber. Thanks again for returning my Helios cap. You guys went out of your way and I appreciate it!
    I ended up getting 4 'bows. Biggest was 18 inches caught on a mini leech under an indicator tight to the bank. Wind was truly brutal. Tough day to fish.
  4. Jesse, so did you go out at all on Friday? We decided not to fight the wind and just let it blow us down the lake thinking it would switch in the afternoon and blow us back to the launch end. Had we not brought the trolling motors we would have never made it back. We caught a bunch of fish, but we paid for them. Got just about beat to death by the wind. It was a brutal day and I was completely exhausted when we got in just after dark. My arm and hand were so tired from casting in the wind that by the end of the day casting was totally sloppy, and holding on to the rod was real work. Having said that, it was honestly a great day of fishing and catching, but a very tough day physically.
  5. Mike I did fish Friday for about three hours I stayed near the launch area with one trip through the slot. Caught a few fish but like you said the conditions were tough. It would have been better with the pontoon rather than the fat cat...
    Sounds like you guys made a good day of it.
    I am looking forward to some calmer and warmer days, but in the meantime I am gonna keep fishing...
    BTW the roof rack worked great I will buy it from you, are you goiung to charge for the "unauthorized" installation? he he
  6. :rofl: Glad it worked out! No, I will throw the installation in for free!:thumb:
  7. Fished Coffeepot on Saturday for 3 hours. Got 4 far bows on a black woolybugger. Smallest was 17". Better than I expected as it looks like the lake is turning over, pretty muky.
  8. Irafly and I were at Coffeepot all day Saturday. The water temps made it a bad day to get your hands wet, especially with the wind. I went through several pair of wool gloves.

    We caught fish but had to cover a lot of water to find them. We were hoping for an afternoon chironomid bite. . . it sputtered from 2-5 but never took off. The most consistent tactic was trolling big streamers. I have a big fish story as well. I hooked up on a shallow flat fishing a small chironomid with my 5wt off my intermediate line. Thought I was snagged . . . then big, slow headshakes and leisurely movement away from me. I had no ability to change this fish's direction. It stayed 30 ft from the boat and swam back and forth for 2 minutes or so before the hook pulled out. That one will haunt me.

    The wind caused some havoc with my gear as well. After catching a tow to the far end of the main lake from a sympathetic power boater, I noticed my 4wt GLX (my favorite rod) was no longer in the boat. I was sick to my stomach that I hadn't secured my gear and not noticed it was gone until then but also didn't want to bail all the way back to the launch end of the lake after such a lucky break to get towed to where we were . . . and it looked like the chironomids might just come out to play so we stayed put. After fishing that far end for the afternoon we cruised back to the last spot that I knew I had my rod. It had fallen overboard in 8' and the top foot of the rod was poking out right where it fell in. It had soaked in the lake from 11am to 5:30pm, during the worst of the wind. Major relief is an understatement!!!
  9. You have some good karma stored up from something you did......wow!
  10. Trout pocket, you are a lucky sun of a gun! Glad you found your GLX. Did you happen to how deep the channel was to the south part of the lake? Have you fished that b4? I've heard in years past that the water levels fluctuate greatly that most folks have to portage their watercraft and its a no go for the power boaters.
  11. We saw a canoe set up with a small outboard make it into the far basin of the lake. They didn't stay long back there, though. I think that part of the lake had the worst exposure to the wind that day. I don't know exactly how deep that channel was, maybe 2-3'?
  12. What troutpocket didn't tell you about his rod is that he almost lost that same rod the day before on another lake. We were again sitting in the boat when he inquired the location of his beloved 4 weight 9 foot GLX only to find me baffeled. He then remembered that he had propped it up on some sage brush at the launch. A launch frequented by (no offence) a large contingency of bait lovers. For some inexplicable reason the hoards of bait lovers we watched roll in that day mostly headed to the right of the launch (around a cove which made there walk longer I might add) with only a few heading left and he had placed his rod to the left of the launch right close to the trail. Either they didn't see it (much more likely the case) or they left it alone (not as likely). When we made it back the launch, there it was right were he had left it.

    Yes, troutpocket/Rod is a good guy who is full of good Karma or that rod of his truly loves him more than he loves it.

  13. Sounds like troupockt is trying to get rid of that rod and it keep coming back....
  14. I plan on hitting Coffeepot next weekend.My boy and I got blown off Sprague last Sunday after 2hrs of fighting wind and waves.At least we each caught a fish, 5 and 6lbs. We might also go back there, as those 'liods are like Rufus fish,but with TAILS, and have alot more pull.
  15. Brand new to stillwater fishing here; just wanted a few tips. I have a general knowledge of fly fishing but the rules of stillwater are foreign to me, as I was born into river and spring creek fishing (high mountain streams for trout, and tribs for steelehead). March and April seem like appropriate times to be lake-fishing. As a Spokane resident, I'm aware there are several lakes nearby that are great bachelors.
    Amber, Sprague, and Fish Lake seem to be producing well. Williams is a local favorite I understand.
    Now to the questions; "What is a fly-fisherman looking for when he's lake fishing?" I know, broad question, but 'what factors are the most important when looking where and when to fish?' Does shore/dock fishing have a positive outlook, or is a pontoon expected for the best results? Are we looking at a long (9-12) 3x tippet on a clear day here? Floating or Sink-tip? Again, I understand a lot of factors play into it, but what is the common approach to Spring Lake fishing? Thanks for your advice!
  16. StoneDropper, honestly i would just start by doing a search through this site. There is a ton of information already posted on stillwater tactics and beginner questions. After that if you still have some specific questions you can't find on the board, post them up.
  17. Glad you're liking your new pram ;) It looked like Yellowlab had mod'd his oarlocks in one of the pictures I saw, might talk to him about it. Wind has been terrible here on the wet side as well, getting blown all over takes some of the fun out of the day.

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