Eastern Wa pheasants

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  1. Went out with my GSP Maggie pheasant hunting for a few day. Monday was real windy
    And it was hard hunting. We ended up with 2 birds. One bird I hit at 45 to 50 yards
    It hit the ground running. Maggie locked that runner down after a hundred yard chase
    In 30 mph winds. Tuesday was a beautiful day and cold. We must have hiked 10 miles
    For 3 birds. I couldn't be happier with my dog, both of us are having a
    Hard time walking because we are so sore! All in all nothing better than walking
    Some beautiful country with my shotgun and my dog! image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. You did good, two birds on any windy day is damn good. Three birds on any day is damn
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  3. Bird numbers way down! All the farmer's seem to think so to. We hiked our butts off, I have blisters to show for it! We hunted hard!
  4. That super, getting birds in the wind is tough.
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  5. Good for Maggie!
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  6. It does seem the numbers are down, nice work on them birds!
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  7. Nice pack.
  8. Way to go, Bob! I've been working so much time the last couple weeks that Hank isn't even talking to me . . .
  9. Jim

    He will forgive you the second you hit the field.
    Happy hunting!
  10. Was this near where we dove hunted??
  11. That looks awesome! Quick question about pheasant hunting, since I have never done it...I do not currently own a dog but really want to get out and try this, and recommendations or tips for hunting with no dog?
  12. Yes it was the same area Bill. And Harry pheasant hunting is hard without a dog, but can be done. If you think you won't to start, then by god you should! A dog just makes it that much better.
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  13. In college a friend and I would walk together and flush them. It can be done :)

    I think, if I am honest, I was more or less the surrogate dog.
  14. Walk slowly, stop often. Use terrain features as blockers . . . roads/trails, ground bare of cover, etc. Push the birds toward an area where they'll have to flush. Mark downed birds well & don't hesitate to take a follow-up shot; you'll rarely catch-up with a cripple on-foot. Good luck!
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  15. This made me laugh. I've been there. If bird numbers are that low it can be done without a dog but you need to be real dedicated and a good shot.

    Nice pictures. The 1st pic looks just like central ND. But we wouldn't be walking far for 3 birds.
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  16. Yeah, in college we hunted a couple of places where we could flush 20-30 at a time. The were balled up in brushy draws in the snow. Made for pretty easy shooting. I actually walked down the draw while he sat on top and shot what popped out. Not a method I recommend, but hell, it was college.
  17. We'll put Jim. Walk slow stop a lot and push birds to spot we're they don't have a choice but to fly. Look for brushy draws with water and trees. Water is key. I used to fill my pockets with rocks when quail hunting, to toss in the bush's before I got a dog. I also used to send my brother and cousin through the thick stuff while I waited on the out her side. They got wise to that quick! Once you get out and start doing it you will come up with a system that works for you. It's all about getting out and doing it!
  18. There is nothing that takes hunting up to the next level like hunting behind a good, hard working dog. I imagine these are wild birds that have the savvy of hatching and growing in a dangerous world which makes them wary and difficult to pin down. High winds add to the challenge by making the birds nervous, their scent more challenging, and shooting difficult.

    Congrats and well done.
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  19. Uptown

    All wild birds! Maggie would push them 500 to 600 yards before they would hold. The day after the wind they didn't won't to fly just run! And thanks! I love a good bird dog!
  20. Thanks for the info! Hopefully will head out East and give all this a shot soon. Sorry for the late response, been traveling and fishing in BC!

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