Eastern Wa pheasants

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  1. Nice. We had a GSP and lost her a couple of years ago at 15. She was the most athletic and graceful dog I have ever been around. Terrific dogs.
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  2. It's been tough sledding for my dog and I. two trips, three solid days of hunting.
    3 hens and two coveys of quail.
    The dog is getting discouraged.
  3. Very poor upland year. Odd waterfowl year.
  5. Yeah. I've heard that "you gotta be willing to walk" nonsense before. Bull.

    It's about things we can control, and things we cannot. One we cannot: the weather. Bad breeding conditions for several years running have devastated populations of native birds and introduced birds like pheasants.

    Unfortunately there's no hope of recovering from this, because of one thing we can control:

    It is the policy of this state as regards upland birds to toss prison-raised chickens off the back of trucks to satisfy the few of us old geezers who like pheasant dinners and west siders with expensive guns and fancy upland clothes. Habitat development and managing for upland birds in a proven, successful way goes begging. And DFW has not clue.

    Go to North Dakota and see what they do. Food and cover go a long way toward increasing the opportunity for native and non-native game and non-game species to not only survive, but thrive. They provide an industry that's accessible to the average person, and a quality of life for the residents.

    Until we manage fish and wildlife for the public rather than for those who industrialize fish and wildlife, and get a whole generation to put down the xbox, get outside, and demand access and reasonable success opportunity for recreation, nothing will change. Have fun at your "pheasant preserve" or on your lease.

    I'm fortunate to have married into access. The rest of you are screwed. And you don't walk enough.

    Sorry. I've hunted a lot of public land this year. With limited possibility of success.
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  6. Only hunted public land since the opener and ive been taking limits and put my friends into many. They are out there... wild ones too. Walking a little extra never hurt.....
  7. Guy

    So true. I love hunting North Dakota. The washington crp program is a hard one to figure out. Most land owners hand out there feel free to hunt to guys from the coast that go out once or twice. So the guys that live east and upland hunt all winter can't get access because the land owners have handed out all of there permission slips. Go figure. I will take what I can get and just keep walking.
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  8. Blake,
    I have been hunting my usual spots in Central Wa (Think Hwy 26, 10 miles to the north and the south).
    Now 5 days of hunting....$200 of fuel, and only shot quail, not even flushed a rooster.
    Any help appreciated.
    The dog is moping......
  9. Just spent two days around Brewster chasing quail. Saw 4 coveys (3-8 birds each) and my brother got two, I had two long shots, and that was it. Back in 2001-2002 we were getting our ten bird limit regularly! Used to hunt around Othello with very good luck on pheasants in the 80s and 90s and then the pheasants disappeared around there! (too many irrigation circles!) I go to N Central Montana each year for pheasant opener and always come away with my 9 bird possession limit, although this year the hunting was much tougher due to a spring time hail storm. Keep hoping weather in the spring will cooperate a couple years and the bird populations will rebound.
  10. Forest grouse seem no better. Islander and I spend the weekend walking the woods with our shotguns. Never saw a single grouse. We hunted a release site in the valley and never saw a single quail or pheasant (found lots of spent shells). My dog was dead tired after two days of looking bless her heart. The only redeeming factor was the companionship, good conversations, and laughs with the barmaids in town after hunting.
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  11. The first snow on the ground will be a good hunt. Be ready!
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  12. Maybe it's where I'm hunting, but I haven't noticed a strong decline in birds. Slightly worse than 2012, maybe, but the birds are there. I hunt mainly public land and written-permission-only CRP land. The last 2-3 years have been pretty consistent in terms of numbers. Poor, but manageable with dogs. I hunt with very pheasant wise old dog (12th season) and a brand new pup (1st season.) The combo seems to be a good one so far. I hunt them separately to keep them as fresh as possible usually, but it's pretty fun to have them work together. Two dogs can cover a lot of earth!

    Here's my fav pic of the season so far. My (then) 11 month old making a great retrieve. I'll probably never be that quick with a camera again!

  13. That is a great pic kaari Way to go!
  14. Nice...really nice!
  15. Right on Kaari!
    I went out Friday and Sunday. Both were pretty good and woulda been great with some better shooting. Course its hard to point when its 11 degrees! (Attached pic is from Friday)
    Mixed bag.jpg
  16. photo 1-3.JPG Great pics guys. I don't have any bird pic's to add but I have been helping the bird numbers come up!
  17. Still waiting for that first snow in my spots. It will indeed make for some very tight holding birds! I would def love to get out for some hunting with you gents on the board! Lemme know if you guys wanna figure something out!
  18. Blake im going to try and head your way before the end of december. If I do we should hook up. I went out yesterday with my dog and walked one field , hit one bird but saw lots. They were all bunched up in groups! Im going tuesday and wednessday Hopefully the girls and i will have Pheasant dinner on friday:)
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  19. Keep me posted and we will line something up! Ive wanted for a long time now to buy a .243 so I can put it in a harness on my back and whoop on a few of the many coyotes that rumble in my bird land! And also for my wife to put an extra whitetail in the freezer :)
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  20. You bet! A 243 is an awesome rifle. I got one from a member on the forum and love love love it!
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