Eastern Washington – Desert Creeks

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  1. Here are a few photos from an Eastern Washington road trip made a couple of weeks ago.

    Day 1






    Day 2



  2. Nice looking creek(s). No fish pics?
  3. hey i have been there, sweet place! Catch Any? Keep this one on the down low
  4. where in the piss is that? Did you bird hunt?
  5. Crab Creek
  6. dudes!

    eastern washington desert streams are THE last remaining frontier. posting a few pics is no big deal as long as there isnt any identifying features lurking in the background. naming the creek is just stroking your ego. i have no clue whether or not you are right about the name of the creek but please edit that shit.

    not everything needs to be shared on a board that gets this many hits a day. desert creeks are earned, and the browns are gold. dont fuck it up! :beathead:
  7. iagree

  8. Dude if you think Crab Creek is a hidden secret then you need not worry about it.
  9. I've found, over the years, that nearly every lake, river, stream or puddle is somebodies secret fishing hole - no matter how obvious and over fished it might appear to you.

    Having seen a few of my favorite spots named on the 'net, and seen the ramifications of their naming, I just don't post names or directions to any spot I fish.

    And there are a few spots I know that I don't even tell fishing partners about.

    So, I guess I'm just saying that just because its not a very special spot to you, doesn't mean that it isn't a special spot for somebody - maybe just give that a thought before publishing it's name to the 'net - especially when its done merely to show that you know something that perhaps others don't.

    One day it just might be your special fishin' hole that somebody posts on here.
  10. Does it matter?? you are still a douche buddy!!:D

  11. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: WOW!
  12. Crab is no secret. On the otherhand, advertising doesn't help waters too much. Look at what happens when newspapers post on areas. Newspapers don't get nearly as many people seeing what is written as the internet. Most EW desert creeks are earned, not learned keep 'em to yourself if you have them. If you are "fishing" for EW desert creeks on this forum, there is a far more efficient method to finding those waters... it is called a Washington Gazateer. Less hurt feelings if you find them yourself. BTW I have posted reports on Crab in the past and have seen first hand what happens. That is my home water. Tight lines.
  13. BTW, that's not Crab.
  14. Wouldn't matter if you posted an eastern washington creek a day on this site complete with gps readings and pics. Places like rocky ford, the NF cda, the st joe, the grande ronde, and the clarkfork, etc will continue to draw the crowds. There just aren't that many small creek/small fish aficionados out there.
  15. you go ahead and keep thinkin that! :thumb:

    meanwhile, back here in reality, crowd is a very relative term.

    it wouldnt take many "aficionados" to sink a desert stream. being as there is a limited amount of them to begin with, with even fewer that have a stable and thriving population of fish, and even fewer still that support a population of brown trout im pretty sure your theory is bammer. like i said before, i dont know the stream in the picture but the point is that it doesnt need to be named by someone lookin to give their dwindling ego a pleasure session. done. and done.

    **i wish there was an icon that had a dude with his head up his ass. too bad, ill settle for this :mad:
  16. Well said Sean. I couldn't agree more.
  17. Whoa...don't be so quick to get your hackles up there bro.

    That said...you want an example of a 'dude' looking to give his dwindling ego a pleasure session? How about a guy who posts a series of random (and fish-less?!) photos with no context other than a vague location reference to half of a state you don't even live in? You're obviously no Ansel Adams so your objective with this post was what, exactly? Other than to illicit a response from other wet-siders who would be so foolish as to actually give you credit for having the knowhow to locate an actual desert gem. Sorry if it hurts when someone who actually lives here and fishes here calls your BS.

    Now...what are you going to tell us next? That those browns only you know about 'native' too?

    I suggest you chill and have one of these :beer1: my man!

  18. This is really entertaining dry side humor.. Maybe you have been hitting some of Spokane valley's finest....
  19. Maybe those photos are from wisconsin. That is some funny shit.

  20. wweeeeeeeessssssstttsssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide! in effizzzect. keepin it live in the 425!!!


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