Eastern Washington – Desert Creeks

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Mike, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. seanengman Trout have no politics

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    No... Bad... On another note, way to hit the hive! :thumb:

    Come on! Crab? are you serious? If it was maybe the ******* River or ***** Creek or maybe even the Little ***** River. Crab has no big fish and is overfished anywhere that it is public. People who really know the EW know that Crab is a sacrifice to keep "dry creek searchers" busy.

    Chico, come on man... Don't say stupid shit. Some creeks I know here have some 20 fish per mile... how many "aficionados" do you think it takes to wipe that shiz out?

    Max- Great pictures. Sometimes it is just the scenery that people need to see. Tight lines Max and keep the good pics coming.
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    "God, I love the smell of Napalm in the morning"
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    Max - Nice pics! I'm sure it was a great trip. So to get this post back on track... any trip report to go with the pics? Looks like a nice time spent exploring with solitude... I'm jealous!
  4. KevenSamuelson Member

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    Either way those are some great shots! Each spot looks like it could hold a fish or two.
  5. Meat Sweats Retired from Fly Fishing

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    Sean B.

    Chill out a little brother. You are definetly "bringing heat". It's just fishing. You don't have to worry about all of the newbies that read these posts, they won't catch anything anyway. And all of the old hands have been fishing Crab and "the rest of them" for years. You've got nothing to worry about.

  6. Leroy Laviolet Aint no nookie like chinookie

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    Isn't that putah creek??:D
  7. KevenSamuelson Member

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    Sorry guys, don't want to ruin anyones spots but its already started. What could it hurt... we're all fly fisherman. I won't give directions but the actual name of the stream in these photos is Rocky Ford spring creek. Just keep it on the D.L. guys, serious.
  8. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    iagree some things are sacred.
  9. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    man do people read?

    i dont give a shit about crab. fuck crab. the point is i dont know the stream in the pictures. i dont know what is in it. where it is. what it is named.

    and it should stay that way until the day comes when my map happy self hooves it in there (ticks, heat, snakes and all) and wets a line.

    you are ignorant if you think people arent sniffin around lookin for an EW stream thats got some toady browns on the prowl (for streams to put on the list or cross off). cause I'M fuckin one of them. the idea is a cornucopia of giggidy. washington desert creek browns??? the notion has me so erect that its difficult to type whilst reaching around my member.

    there are a lot of squiggly blue lines to explore out there. dont be the d bag who makes it easier for these places to be found.

    its the principle i was trying to defend. i just see abosultely no need for anyone to play the name game. enjoy the pornless nameless pics and either sit back smiling knowing what lies beneath, or go pick up a map and start trying to find your own. im done with this shiz wheres my 40? :beer1:


  10. Denny Active Member

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    Sorry, but if you don't get, you won't get it. I very much understand keeping a place not overrun with folks on the QT.

    On the flip side, it is somewhat lame to post a fishing report that has no fish in it and tantalize folks with nice pictures of great water . . .
  11. Porter Active Member

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    Perhaps it was a skunk...no fish caught no fish pictures:D
  12. Dustin Bise Active Member

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    stop crying everybody, ****************** creek is screwed anyways. fuck cows.


    seriously, riperian zones are few and far between on eastern washing creeks. Although I have worked on some sections of crab creek (private) where cows havnt had access for 50 years and the fish were abudent, on the hunt for hoppers all day long, and just amazing. If only washingtons waterways could retain more resemblence of there native forms. I really feel that flyfishers are less of a threat to locals then you would think. cows and agriculture are the real enemies, not some guy with a barbless hook and a camera. I say get out there and enjoy what is left before its to late. PM me if you want some "secert locations" I would be hapyp to share with you some of the spots I have found.
  13. Warmonger newt

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    send as may pms my way. It will be every welcome! i search all the time.

    I have never left my house, be it work or play, without my fly gear!

    i need more help! lol
  14. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Nice pics Max
    Way to start your membership, three pages from some nice pictures of a couple of wet spots here in the desert.
    Dustin is right on about the cows and the AG, putting the screws to the fish enviro here in the desert.
    So ya want browns in the desert, just check the WDFW stocking reports, tells ya right where to go, and if ya PM me I'll tell ya where to go also.
    If I had as much water to explore as you wetsiders do I wouldn't waste the gas to search through the ticks, snakes, and redneck ranchers for a brown trout. Just keep driving to MT and catch the shit out of the browns.
    Again "Good job, Max"
  15. Dan Cuomo Active Member

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    Thanks for the starkly beautiful pics, Max. They are at the other end of the landscape continuum from rbaileydav's Magic of Yosemite pics, but no less compelling. Nice work: )
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    What a bunch of girls! C'mon..........
  17. tediousthumper Hello My name is Thad and Im addicted to flyfishin

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    Yeah hell face it.You should have more confidence in your own fishin.Rather than to be worried about how others might catch.I mean really if you were catchin half as good as you'd like to be... maybe you wouldn't worry much of others.Besides, you can tell any idiot were to fish but that doesn't mean there gonna know how to fish it.Lets face it, any time your on any water thats unfamiliar,It takes a few before your catchin any noteable numbers.Sure you'll get the random few puppy's.But not the real hog's you'll get after knowing there usual holes.Anyhow lets remember no one own's the earth, everyone has just as much right to fish as anyone else.Just be better at it than everyone else!:beer2:
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    "pretty sure your theory is bammer" BAMMER who knew that word would be used to talk about Fly Fishing LOLHAHAHA i was here in san francisco when that word pretty much got invented !!! and they wernt talking about Theories
  19. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    man. let this thread die. you just dont get it.
  20. SAVE STILLY NATES Banned or Parked

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    Wow no people at ford? Thats really suprising. Water looks low too, probably didnt catch much but really fun spotting.
    Tight lines.

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