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    After a long winter of no fishing due to mostly long work hours, along with family illnesses, tough spring weather and other factors I finally got an opportunity to get out. I decided to hit a favorite bass pond. Most years this place would be nearing unfishable at this time due to weeds, but with the cold spring things were perfect. Water temps in the low 70's and manageble weeds. Saw lots of wildlife including ducks, gulls mergansers, cormorants, quail, swans, pelicans, beavers, turtles and a porcupine. Heard a lot of coyotes after dark along with a chorus of frogs Caught 8 bass and lost a few more. All between 12-22 inches. All fish caught on divers fished on the surface. Also some bluegills. All in all it was a nice evening. Pictures are of my 1st fish of the year and a big one from last fall.
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    nice fish and nice diver, looks mucho fun.