Eastside Opener Report (pic heavy)

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    The eastside opener gave me a chance to fish a river I hadn’t fished before. River flows before the opener had been 400 cfs but rains brought the flows up to 1,500 cfs. Besides increasing flows the weather report was a bit ominous. The forecast was rains and heavy winds with gusts to 38 mph.

    I launched Tuesday morning in the promised rain and increased water flows but conditions soon changed. The skies cleared but the wind picked up. With the wind came the autumn leaves. They blew from the trees and found their way into the river. It made it hard to determine if a tug was a leaf or a fish. I know of one case where I lost a fish stripping line in when I thought it was debris only to have the line go slack as the fish made its way upstream. The fish unbuttoned as I tried to get the tension back in the line. Despite the heavy downstream gusts the north side of the river provided enough of a windbreak so that swinging a fly was do-able with little difficulty.

    Monday flows at the launch.

    Tuesday flows at the launch.

    Rigged and ready to go.

    The skies clearing.

    How windy was it?

    The calm in the windbreaks.

    Leaves in the water.

    Wednesday provide relief from the wind, but it was a cold start after a summer of fishing. I had ice form on the top of the pontoons when I launched. At least the leaves were out of the current making swinging the fly easier. I didn’t have a take until near the end of the day. I had a heavy tug on the first run through a drift on the floating line. I made the second run through with a sinking line, I had the take. It was a Chinook. Big take, heavy pull, and not much of a fight. A fish is a fish. On the next drift I had another take near the tail out. This was a nice bright hen on a Lady Caroline swung on a floating line. Classic, a long day with a happy ending!

    The day started clear and cold with the season’s first snow.

    Chinook that took the fly.

    A bright hen on a Lady Caroline.

    Thursday proved to be another clear day with the flows slowly lowering. I made the first run through the drift below the launch with the floating line and no takers. I made the second run with a sinking line and hooked and landed a 31” buck. Later in the day I had a take in the same run where I had taken the hen the day before. I couldn't get the fish to return to the fly despite three more runs through the drift. Hopefully the season will stay open for a while so I can give the river another try.

    A beautiful start to the day.

    A nice buck.

    A wonderful river.

    That’s all folks.
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    Nice pictorial and essay.
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    Thanks for sharing! Pretty funny size comparison for the last photo.
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    Who ever said that bananas were bad luck for fishing.
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    Excellent report!
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    Me gusta, nice report.
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    Great report thanks for sharing.
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    THIS is exactly wht these forums are all about. Thank you Mike!
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    Nice report. Some really cool pics and beautiful steelhead.