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  1. Got over to Lenice a bit later than I had hoped on Thurs. with some trailer issues before leaving and slushy snow on the pass, but got there in plenty of time to set up camp and take the boat down to the lake before dark. Met up with Scott and some of the other folks that do the yearly Lenice pilgrimage. Weather was great on Friday morning not super cold, some overcast and a light breeze off and on to break up the water surface. The fishing was good landed around 20 for the day even with a long lunch break and heading back to camp well before dark. Thought about fishing the evening but the wind was getting stronger and I was getting colder. Most of my fish were on my redhead nymph with a type V (although I did catch a couple on the Camo Carey because I didn't want to disappoint Scott). I did force myself to actually fish chronies for a bit and picked up a couple that way. The fish were active with some jumpers. A couple were small 12" to 14" but the majority of fish were 16" to 18" and I had two that were 19". Not to crowded on Friday and folks were pretty spread out. Rick Todd rolled in that afternoon and enjoyed fishing with him and Scott, then we had dinner and a nip of Pendleton before he headed out for a Yak trip.
    I didn't fish Sat. morning and took a quick trip to Yakima to shoot a steel challenge competition. Got back around 2pm and fished for a couple hours. Picked up three over by the islands where I caught one on a herl collar bloodworm I tied the night before leaving. (I took a picture to prove to Ira I can dabble in the dark arts) The wind went crazy that night and was still blowing hard Sunday morning and I thought I might as well give it a go. WRONG. The fishing was actually good and I was getting hooked up every time I got into position and made the cast I was trying to do. The only problem was that the wind was so strong it took 20 minutes to get positioned or untangle my wind wiped line or reset my anchor that pulled out or all of three at once; it just was too much of a hassle to stay out. I started rowing back in and the wind seemed to get stronger. Took forever just to get across to the take out from the island area.
    I had gotten some intel that some of the put and take lakes just a bit north were putting out some big fish so I packed up Sunday afternoon and headed to Martha. Got there around 3pm and there was wall to wall fisherman all along the shore. Found a place to set up camp and as the shore line started to clear later in the day I took my intermediate line with a CC and was able to fish a bit from one long stretch of bank that didn't have a bunch of reeds and had the wind to my back. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Every 3rd or 4th cast, count down 5 seconds, strip, strip, pause, fish on. Got some funny looks from some of the other fisherman as I would release the 10" to 12" stockers. In the morning I had the lake all to myself. Put the boat in a did some exploring. There was a light wind off and on and when it put chop on the water the fish would turn on. The lake is pretty shallow and the fish seemed to stay as deep as possible (and tight lipped) until the chop gave them some cover especially with a baldy and an osprey cruising above. The stockers were to be had but I was going deep and slow hoping for one of the carry overs. As the morning went on a few people showed up to fish. One was a fly fisherman casting from the shore and after talking to him found out he was Greg Smith from the website. He was nice enough to check the weather for me and I found out the pass was suppose to get snow on Tues. so I packed up in the afternoon and headed home. I never did get my monster carry over fish but Greg did. He said he had what looked like a large fish follow his fly in a couple times. After a bit it finally hit him and wow what a fish. He didn't have a measure net but from where I was off shore, it looked to be well over 22" and football fat. All in all a great trip.

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  2. Nice report Steve! Thanks for taking the time to add pics, and for including some interesting details.
  3. I'm so jealous. I miss Eastern WA so much. I'm going to drive all the way from northern california to have my bachelor party at lenice, I love it so much
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  4. Alright, someone finally posted some pics so I could see what those eastern wash. fish look like. nice and fat! 16 to 18 inchers with a couple of 19's is worth the drive. thanks for the report.
  5. Great report Steve - what a fun trip!
    Thanks for the photos
  6. Steve:

    Hope making up to that lake wasn't too disappointing.

    Sounds like at least one good fish.

    Always good to spend time with you. Thanks for sharing the Pendleton.

    We'll do it again ....soon.
  7. Nice report Steve! Almost makes me want to fish a lake! :cool:
  8. OK, 'fess up. Did you guys pass that one fish around for the pictures....? Scotty, what's that bright blue I see...?

    Seriously, thanks for the vicarious thrills. I missed this one but won't miss many more, that's for sure. Speaking of the Spring Fling....:)
  9. My lucky shirt.

    Spring Fling? I want details

  10. I'm Ready!!!!!:D
  11. Let us know when it is and we'll come Fish/Party with you. :cool:
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  13. Steve, its nice to have a witness when you land a big fish, It would be even better if the witness was someone more reliable than a fly fisherman.
    I am going to try to get to your territory soon. My offer to drift the Yakima still stands.


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