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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by papafsh, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. With all the salmon in spawning an egg imitation is quite probably one of the best choices to have available right now, especially for Dollyvarden, SRC's and Steelhead too.

    I've tried all the well known types and had succes with them all over the years but I have found what I believe, and know from use, to be an easy, quick and killer egg imitation. I won't actualy call it a FLY but it sure works great on a fly rod!

    I was in Ted's the other day and saw a bunch of plastic eggs that are designed to be slid down a leader above a hook, "Troutbeads" they are called and come in various sizes and colors.

    Here is my little brainstorm.....or fart...or whatever. Take the hook and bead of your choice, hold the hook with a pair of pliers and heat it up, I do mine on a red hot electric range burner.
    Then holding the bead between your fingers, press the hot hook shank into the bead.....waaaaala!
    If you angle it just right and leave the drilled hole open at one end you can superglue in a little CDC to add the skein strip look. Anyway I think they are cool and I know they really work!
  2. By heating up the hook,you don't lose the temper of the hook do you. By that I mean weakening the hook.

    I bought some last year and for the life of me I couldn't figure how to get it on the hook because the hole in the egg was too small.

  3. I have salvaged hooks before when the fish have destroyed the materials. hooks aren't cheap so i have burned al the materials off and haven't had a problem with reusing them as far as weakening goes.
  4. I was originally concerned about hook temper loss myself, but so far, haven't noticed any problems. I don't heat the hook to red hot, just enough to melt it into the plastic, and I only heat the shank never the bend. This takes a little practice, but is quickly learned. Heating the hook will discolor (darken) it.

    I've used both standard and stainless hooks without any negative result so far. If the hook is not hot enough to melt into the plastic very far, I put a drop of super glue on it. I really don't care if the bead comes off after hooking a fish.

    One other positive result is that they fish well with longer leaders under an indicator on a floating line, and in faster flows without an indicator on an intermediate sinking line without adding split shot. I've watched in clear water conditions and to me, they look like they roll and bounce along the bottom in a very natural way.

    I usually tie a ,two egg, dropper type system with a larger bead on the bottom and smaller one on top 6" to 9" apart. With the color choices these can appear as "live" or "dead" eggs as needed. I usually find that one of each works well.


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