Easy pattern for Pinks?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Josh, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. At the risk of making myself look even more stupid than I do normally, let me emphasize once again the "I am idiot about tying" aspect of my original post. It's just one of those things that, for some reason, is hard for me to wrap my head around.

    So specific instructions are very much appreciated.
  2. Sure thing. I can even do a youtube video later if you'd like.

    Hook: Allen 3769 size 8 or 10
    Thread: Pink whatever you want
    Weight: medium or small beadchain eye
    Hair: Fluoro Fibre (http://www.pacificflyfishers.com/Catalog/ProductPages/Tying/TyingProdDetail/FluoroFibre.htm). You can also use anything else you'd like. I like the look of the Fluoro Fibre personally.

    Start by getting the thread started just a little over halfway up the shank, toward the eye of the hook. Tie in the bead chain eye by criss crossing around it several times, then cementing it in with head cement, or any other glue of your choice.

    run your thread back, almost to the bend, and tie in a pinch of your hair. Start with a few loose wraps, then tighten it down. For the ones on the right of the picture, I use thread for the body. So I just wrap thread all the way up to the bead chain eye, a few layers thick until I like the look of the budy. Then I wrap up the nose area in to a cone shape, then tie it off and cement.

    Really not a whole lot else to it. But I'll make a few youtube videos either tonight or tomorrow.
  3. That would rule. I really appreciate the effort. I also appreciate the hook suggestion since I have to order those lines anyway. I'll just add in some hooks as well.
  4. Welp, looks like between the time I said that, and now, I left my tying materials at my dad's house ( I was there earlier) and that's 150mi away... So no videos will be happening today.
  5. Don't you hate stuff like that?

    No worries though. Whenever you get around to it. Beggars can't be picky.
  6. I tie them on size 6 or 8 tr700 salmon hooks for rivers, I use a tungsten bead at the head like a normal muddler...I go pretty sparse on the back...some silver wrap with a couple pink and clear flash and pink deer hair spun and clipped like a muddler at the head...

    Easy tie...I've found the bigger stuff or too bright of flash etc. and they don't hit it as readily...
  7. Hey Evan, do you fish that pattern in the salt, fresh or both?
  8. I fish them in both. I find that small, sparsely tied flies are almost always the ticket (well, always the ticket for me). The smaller I go, the more interest I get. It just gets to a point where the hook is so small that keeping them hooked is an issue. I find that size 8 and 10 is the happy medium.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply ;)
  10. Evan (or anyone),

    What are some other substitutes for Fluoro Fibre? I'm not sure I'm going to be able to find it locally and I'm not planning on heading down south towards the seattle area shops any time soon.
  11. Buck tail, or any synthetic hair material will work fine. Doesn't seem to matter a whole lot.
  12. Josh, I really wouldn't sweat it a whole lot...they will hit just about anything sparse, pink or bright green, silver with a tiny bit of flash...purple or blue muddlers...All have done well in the rivers I've fished...swing...swing and strip....It's fun at first but it gets old pretty quick and when they start getting nasty you'll be dreading the hump...
  13. Oh I know it doesn't matter that much. Everyone's advice points to just getting something sparse and pink and getting it in the water.

    But as this is one of my first tying attempts, I can use the info I learn for other stuff. I really have no idea what substitutes for what. So any of that info is useful to me.
  14. Surface flies are fun
  15. I like these better...damn thats a good looking box!

    ..i will let anyone borrow a couple if they want :)
  16. Pink eves are pretty easy to tie. You can pretty much tie it with your eyes, so even the most beginner tier can do it.
  17. Keep it simple.

    Josh, learn to tie a woolly buggar they are easy and you can find tying instructions all over the internet then tie some using pink materials. It is all you need.
  18. [​IMG]

    Hook: Mustad 34011 size 6
    Tail: Pink marabou (keep it short and sparse)
    Body: Pink Glo-Bug Yarn (yes, wrapped tightly)
    Upper Wing: Krystal Flash
    Lower Wing: Flashabou

    Smother the dumbell eye and head of the fly with a good amount of head cement.

    It's an easy and quick tie with readily available materials. :thumb:
  19. Awesome Dehlan! Those will get the job done nicely.
  20. Thanks Paul! They caught me a couple in 2009. Let's go try em out

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