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  1. Dennis Hopper was great in that film as well as Jack, Peter Fonda couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag. Karen Black was in it also. I remember the poster of Dennis H. on his Harley flippin the dudes in the truck off, a classic, I bought that poster for my sister when she moved out of the house.
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  2. [​IMG]
    But Peter & Nancy were epic.
    "Are you ready boots?"
  3. From that film and for a certain generation this song from Steppenwolf was iconic :
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  4. I think you're getting the Fondas and the Sinatras mixed up, David. Peter Fonda starred in Easy Rider.
    Nancy Sinatra sang "These boots are made for walking'".

    Or I'm mistaken and you were simply talkin' to our WFF member "wadin' boot"? :)
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  5. You are right, but the pic was from Wild Angels. An also ran moody righteous bike flick with both. I just segued.
    Call me sick but I still see her prancing boots. Frank no doubt spent a bundle promoting his baby girl.
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  6. You're sick...:D
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  7. At the time, it cost the least to film and made the most for the price tag. It certainly launched Jack's career.

    I liked it. It fit the times. Probably, it wouldn't mean much to other than the Baby Boomers.
  8. I remember reading about the diner scene. The diner patrons were everyday locals. The camera guy told them to do their everyday thing then had Hopper and Fonda walk in. The tense stare-down was pretty real for the day.

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  9. Im watching it again the first chance I get ! :eek:
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. That's the one Porter, love it.

    Dipnet, that Steppenwolf album was the first LP I ever bought. " I like smoke and lightning, Heavy Metal thunder, racin' with the wind, and the feelin' that I'm under"
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  12. I never got hold of that poster of Hopper. Anyone here see him in Blue Velvet? His character Frank Booth was pure evil.
    I think Peter Fonda must have been the undisputed "master of expressionless." Playing a role without any acting ability. I think that's all he could do.
    Nicholson! He and Karen Black were also awesome in Five Easy Pieces. I loved the scene in the diner, when Nicholson's character tried to order something different than what was on the menu.
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  13. Yah, I saw Blue Velvet, that was one strange movie.
  14. Bought my first Harley after watching that flic. It was a chopped 900 iron sportster with a bolt on hardtail. That launched my illusterous biker career. I wanted to be like Billy. I went on to own/build an unkown number of Harleys. The last one I built we sold to buy our first house.
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  15. I believe Fonda paid to make the film... he can't act so that's most likely the only way he got the part :)
  16. Fonda was nominated for a lead actor oscar in 1998's Ulee's Gold. Maybe he studied a lit in between being Captain America and Ulee.:oops:
  17. I've never seen Ulee's Gold so maybe he was able to act in that one.

    The others I've seen with him attempting act.... not so much.

    His Dad could most certainly act, but Peter?.... I think his last name helped him land a lot of parts. But hey, maybe I should watch Ulee's Gold just to give him another chance.

    Doesn't matter... Easy Rider was still a significant movie of the time regardless of the acting ability of Peter Fonda.
  18. He was also in "Wild Hogs" but only for a few seconds. He seems to get short bit parts in a few action films.
  19. I think it's safe to say that that the movie resonates with (A) people who grew up in the 60's and (B) identified with the main characters in a way that it could never do for people for whom neither A nor B is true and doesn't really stand up on it's own as a film in a way that other classic films from that vintage and older do.

    Having said that - I still enjoy lots of genuinely horrible music and movies from the 80's and 90's that I would probably find it impossible to listen to if I hadn't been growing up at the time and had them as a sort of acoustic/psychic background for that part of my life, so I can understand why people for whom A and B are true love the film.
  20. I suppose if you're of an age to consider Easy Rider a classic, you probably feel the same about Up in Smoke :D
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