Easy tube squid pattern

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Roger Stephens, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Recently I have been playing around trying to tie an easy but realistic tube squid pattern. So far, the most promising pattern is shown in the photographs below. The materials used are: (1) zonker rabbit strips(white or salmon pink)for the head, (2) pearl or pink Krystal Flash over head, (3) Loco or Crazy Legs for tenticles, (4) pearl/black Real Eyes 3/16 inches nickel. The pattern takes just a couple of minutes to tie. I will be putting a 10 mm. pearl sequin angled 45 degrees off to one side to give the pattern darting side to side movement.

  2. Damn Roger that lookes awesome . Does it glow in the dark ? Ive been playing with a pattern of my own The head looks similar to yours but for tentacles I tied on a mallard flank feather and tied it on Knudson spider style.I tried it yesterday but found no love I tried it last weekend and got one hit .Like all the other things I,ve tried it takes a little tweeking here and there but I,ll get it right. But if I tied that I would say I got it.
  3. Nice to see so many squid patterns
    I love them
    these are well tied Roger
    would you be willing to bring them to the swap next week so I can take a closer look?
  4. Kelvin:

    Yep! I'll bring a couple of them to the swap next Sat. It is going to be a fun event to see and chat with you and many of the other participants. Am looking forward to the swap!

  5. Jim:

    The pattern does not glow in the dark.

  6. Cool. I saw the word, "Easy" in the thread title and thought, "This one has my name on it."

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