Eating Pinks?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Go Fish, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Go Fish Language, its a virus

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    Are these fish edible? I have heard that the only
    way to cook them is by smoking them.

    Thanks, David
  2. Jonathan Walkenberg Member

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    if you catch bright ocean fish, bleed them immeadiately, get them on ice and eat them the same day they are not bad. These fish seem to turn faster than others so when most people catch theirs and let it sit on the beach the rest of the day or in the luke warm water of some side slough, they dont end up with very appetizing meat.
  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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  4. Preston Active Member

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    Pinks seem to get a bad rap in the culinary department. As mentioned above, if they are killed and cleaned quickly, iced and cooked within a reasonably short period of time they make excellent table fare. A few years back I took one at Ala Spit and grilled it later the same day with salt, pepper, butter and a little lemon juice. The result was flaky, tender, mildly-flavored and quite satisfactory.
  5. Matt Baerwalde ...

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    I would say they taste more trout-like than other salmon species. I like it.
  6. hikepat Patrick

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    If not cooked right away they also are good to make Salmon patties out of.
    Cook them once then in the next day or three make them into patties and bread and make Salmon burgers out of them.
    They still need to be bleed right after catching and kept cold as soon as they are caught. Do not think you can keep cold any fish by putting them on stringer in Puget Sound since its just not cold enough to keep the meat quality up and you may lose your fish to Seals. Or do put them on a stringer and let all of us others laugh as you lose your fish to the seals.
  7. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    Pinks, the other white meat.:D
    Hopefully we'll drill enough silvers this summer to keep you and Lucy's BBQ humming all summer long. ;)

    I agree with what the others have said. Bleed and get them on ice asap after the wood shampoo is applied.
  8. DimeBrite MA-9 Beach Stalker

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    Catch them, bleed them, ice them immediately. When you get home smoke them (delicious) or put them on a BBQ with lots of chips for smoky flavor. Unless you really need to eat a salmon I'd let them go and keep fishing for silvers or a king, they taste so much better.
  9. gt Active Member

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    sounds like a delicate flavor without the excess bad tasting fat of a chinook. as far as handling these fish, the advice given above should be followed for any fish you kill and wish to enjoy as a meal.
  10. Preston Active Member

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    Hikepat's comment reminds me that quite a few years ago a friend and I fished the lower Stilly (below Silvana) for pinks. I wasn't interested in keeping any so my friend kept my limit as well as his own (the limit was three fish that year if I recall correctly). He canned some of them and smoked and canned the others. He invited me over for dinner a month or two later and his wife prepared salmon patties from the canned pinks. That was some pretty fine eating.
  11. Chester Allen Fishing addict and scribbler

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    Preston has this one nailed -- as usual. I always take an ice chest along when I'm fishing pinks in saltwater. If I keep one, the day is over. The fish is bled, slapped on ice and on a hot grill within an hour of getting home.
    A bright pink, properly handled, is pretty tasty.
  12. Mike Ediger Active Member

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    I fished commercially out of Kodiak for a couple seasons and one year I canned a bunch in the cannery and used it in place of canned tuna. Made great sandwiches!
  13. wolverine Member

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    As others have said, pinks make for good eats if properly cared for. When my kids were small bbq'd pinks were their favorite fish. Of course butter, brown sugar, pepper, lots of finely chopped garlic, and a lot of alder or apple wood smoke in the Weber BBQ made it all happen. I've also lightly smoked and canned them for making dip.
    I prefer silvers and bright kings, but if they aren't happening, pinks work on the table.
  14. golfman65 Guest

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    Same as above, bonked, bled and iced...

    My daughters like pink salmon more then any other....I bring um home, fillet them, bbq with melted butter, a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and some lemon juice...

    Got me why but they pig city on um....brought home a fresh ho and did it up as well...They took a bite and went..."whatever" and back to the pinks!!
  15. Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

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    This is what I do to cook them.

    First off, the disclaimer. I don't like Salmon, at all, because they taste like fish. It is a survival food as far as I am concerned. That said, I make it taste pretty non fishy for obvious reasons.

    In a Ziplock combine;

    A couple tablespoons of Lemon or lime juice (vinegar even works, just need the acid to penetrate the meat and entrain the other ingredients)
    Onion Powder
    Garlic Powder
    Black Pepper
    1/4 C Soy sauce
    A couple of dot's of Sriracha (Viet, red cock sauce)
    1 Tsp Fish Sauce (oriental kind)
    1 Tsp Ginger
    1 or 2 strokes of Nutmeg on a nutmeg grinder

    Fillet and skin fish. Cut into table sized pieces. Place the pieces in the Ziplock with the marinade ingredients for 1 hour. When you are done you can freeze the Marinade and reuse it.

    Throw on the grill.

    If you are cooking it in a pan, keep the pan hot so it sears when you put the fish in, or flip. When you are ready to flip, squeeze a half a lime over the fish and it will "lift" off of the pan and flip easily withouth breaking or crumbling the meat.
  16. Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

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    We did the blind taste test at Wards Cove one year for the cannery crew, with pinks, silvers, and small kings. All on the same barbie with the same seasonings, nobodie could tell the difference except the humpies were the first to go. Fresh from the salt you can't beat it, once they hit the fresh it's better in the smoker. My .02

  17. Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

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    I worked for Wards Cove, Daryle. In S Naknek.
  18. Salmo_g Active Member

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    As mentioned, kill, bleed, ice. You should know that pinks are soft fleshed compared to other salmon species. For this reason they do not freeze well. If you want to keep a limit and can't or won't eat them all fresh, smoke what you don't BBQ fresh. The smoke pinks can be frozen and kept well that way.

    Make no mistake, pink salmon are the poor step sister when it comes to table quality among the fish snobs who really know what good fish is. However, that doesn't make pink salmon bad or even poor table fare. The flavor is mild compared to others (lack of fat), but it cooks up well and makes a delicious meal provided the fish is taken care of. Being soft fleshed, the pinks are that much more sensitive to poor handling and care. I'm a self confessed salmon snob, but I'll eat pink salmon following the above.

  19. Tom Bowden Active Member

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    I think Pinks caught early in August taste better than later fish. At least that seems to be the case with South Sound / Puyallup fish.

  20. CLO coho where are you?

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    Halibut like eating pinks so they can't be that bad?