Echo 13' 7wt Double Handed Rod with Reel

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  1. Echo 13' 7wt Double Handed Rod with Reel, cast twice in freshwater. Bought this last year at the Bellevue Show from Avid Angler, after picking it out with the help of Tim Rajeff. It comes with a Redington SV III reel and Airflow Skagit line, with a floating shooter. Finally realized that I won't be using this that much and would like to invest the money in other gear.

    I recall that I paid ~ $550-600 for the entire set up. I'd like to get $425 obo for the setup, please PM me if interested. Reasonable trades will definately be considered.
  2. Hey All,

    Just bought a raft, so all offers will be considered.


  3. speyfisher

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    Offer it on the Speypages. Someone over there was looking for that rod not too long ago.
  4. Good idea speyfisher.

    Someone PM'd me to ask if I'd split it up. The answer is yes, let me know it you're interested.

    Thanks -

  5. I'll take $385 bawling: for the whole setup. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. Matthew Gulbranson

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    Sam, I am not familiar with this Echo rod. Is it fast or slow action? What is the grain weight on the line?

    I'm looking into it for a friend.


  7. Steelie Mike

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    How much do you want for the rod?
  9. Grain weight = 480.

    Price is now $375 for the whole setup...
  10. justinae

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    Hi there,

    Do you still have the warranty card?
  11. Justinae - The warranty card is not necessary per the website, and I don't recall receiving one.
  12. How about $345 for the whole setup? This would be a great rod for reds/summer run/and sea-run cutts!

    Trades welcome:thumb:
  13. speyfisher

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    Faster action Echo? Scandi model, reddish color blank, two tips? Or the newer TR series rods.
    Echo Classic, green blank, two stripping guides, the rest are single foot. Moderate action.
    Echo DH series, newer design influenced by Dec Hogan. Slightly softer than the Classic series, and as I recall, snake guides rather than single footers. All are nice rods for the price. Whatever it is, it should say on the blank.

    Went back and looked at the pics. It looks the same as my 1307 Echo Classic which I use for Skagit style, sustained anchor casts. I have used heads from 470 to 570 grains plus (sink)tips up to 200 grains. It really likes the Skagit Compacts for use with the heavy tips and big stuff. But for normal flies and lighter tips, the 480 grain line will be fine.
  14. I do believe that it is the 1307 Echo Classic. I'm definitely not a spey expert, so I just did a little more research on the action - they do classify it as a medium action. Thanks for the correction.

    If anyone is interested - please make me an offer. Thanks for reading!

  15. Chris Puma

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    You looking for anything in trade? I have a 9 weight and a 7 weight...
  16. Steelie Mike

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    How much do you want for just the rod? Is there anything you are looking for in a trade?
  17. Definitely up for trades. On my want list -

    9' 4 wt rod - any brand
    T&T Horizon 9' 6wt salt edition
    T&T Vector 9' 5wt
    Pyramid Anchor

    Let me know if you're interested - partial or full trades are acceptable.

    I can split it up, but would prefer to keep it as a package. Make an offer!
  18. Cole

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    How much for the rod, only?
  19. Rod sold. Thanks.