ECHO 3/ Airflo event with Uncle Tim

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  1. Hi All,

    Just a quick video report from a great event with Tim Rajeff - Echo/Airflo fly rod company. We had a BLAST meeting with Tim and Bob (Scott rods). We tested some rods and lines, includes the new Echo 3. Uncle Tim is a true brilliant instructor and a really awesome gentleman. I enjoyed his tournament casting stories and all sort of rod manufacturing anecdotes! The Echo 3 rods are truly wonderful casting machine. light, fast recovery and responsive. I think I am hooked with those rods! Thank Bearsden and Tim for putting up this great event... above is some clips from the event. hope you will enjoy it!
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  2. Cool- thanks Mark
  3. Neat video,,, thanks Mark.

    Tim was also at the Spey Nation V event on July 14, he is excellent with demos and casting information.

  4. Tim Rocks! As do his products!
  5. indeed,

    We had a BLAST to chat with him and cast the rods. I am really impressed by the Echo 3. I asked him what is the motivation of making the Echo 3 (read: there are too many high module rods out there). He simply said he found a great factory with great quality control... and he can't resist (or something like that)! :)

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