Echo 3 Spey?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Jason Chadick, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Jason Chadick

    Jason Chadick A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy, Oh...

    I was curious if anyone has anything to say about the Echo 3, I have an opportunity to obtain one of these for a good price. I'm mostly considering the 8wt for cable and chicken-chucking duty, but I would love to hear about any of the sticks in the line.


  2. Jack Devlin

    Jack Devlin Active Member

    I have an Echo 3 single hander 6 weight. WATCH OUT. Make sure the echo 3 spey you buy has the newer cork. There is a problem with the cork disintegrating on the echo 3 rods. Echo knows and admits this.
  3. Steelie Mike

    Steelie Mike Active Member

    I have been fishing one since last winter and it is exactly what you are looking for. I have fished a 540 and 570 on it and both work great. Meow tips, 12ft T13, Worm weights, whatever, its solid. I have several E3's and none of them have cork problems.
  4. Loren E

    Loren E Member

    I have the 8134 and fish it with a compact skag 570 and Rage 540. IMHO it rocks with both and is a killer stick. Light in hand and fun to fish. I found it very versatile for throwing big intruders with skagit 570 but also sweet for throwing the Rage with poly leaders and small traditional wet flies.
  5. Nathan M Daines

    Nathan M Daines Natives

    Great rod! Picked up one in August, had plans only to use it on the eastside but i am having a hard time putting it down. Works with a combination of casting styles and lines. It's light and has a outstanding finish. No problems with the cork and haven't seen that on any of my buddies rods.
    Don't let any of your buddies try won't get it back.
  6. Steelie Mike

    Steelie Mike Active Member

    Interesting since the one I have been fishing since last winter is my buddies :)!
  7. g_smolt

    g_smolt Recreational User

    Excellent twigs.

    I have the 7130 and the 6127 in 2-hand poles, and the 9' 7wt for a singlehand pole.

    they throw flyfishstring very well.
  8. fishin_doc

    fishin_doc New Member

    I bought the 7130 earlier this year and I really like the rod
  9. Jason Chadick

    Jason Chadick A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy, Oh...

    Thanks guys,

    Sounds like just what the doc ordered. It's good to hear good things about this rod since it's going to be a "blind buy". I have a 7130 TR that I adore, it sounds like the E3 is going to be right up my alley. Sounds like the 570 skagit might be a good line to try first...


  10. yuhina

    yuhina Tropical member

    IMO, 570 is too heavy for the E3 7130 , in my hands of course. you might want to try lighter heads and enjoy the crispier feel E3 has to offer...

  11. Jason Chadick

    Jason Chadick A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy, Oh...

    Thanks Yuhina!

    I'm more interested in the 8134, I have a 7wt TR that I really like. I had always lined it with a 540 skagit, but this summer I put a 510 rage on it and just love the rod with that line so much, that I'm looking into a winter-specific stick to do the dirty work.