Echo 6wt Switch Rod

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm selling my 6wt. Echo Switch, 10' 10". I have had it for about a year now and have only used it on half a dozen fishing trips. It looks brand new, except for the case.. which looks new except the zipper broke the first time unzipping the case...

    The rods specs can be found at:

    In general it worked great the few times I used it, which was for steelheading on the Kalama, and throwing big nymph rigs and swinging streamers on the Yellowstone. It's great for throwing big nymph rigs, swinging streamers, and made a nice light steelhead rod as well. I just haven't used the rod much, and would rather sell it than have it sit in my garage. The rod retails for about $330, and figured I would sell it for around $275? I am currently living in Bozeman, MT. PM me if you guys are interested.


  2. My father in law is interested to the tune of $250--would you take that? Ps I'm traveling so if I don't respond ASAP that's why.

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