FS Echo Classic Spey 7129

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  1. Barely used Echo Classic Spey 7129. Rod is a 7wt and is 12ft9" in length. Willing to let it go for 200.00 bucks. Also willing to throw in some extras to sweeten the deal. Local pickup only.

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  2. this rod has pink salmon mojo all over it
  3. looking for any trades?
  4. winstong 4 wt gvx?
  5. negative, just sage vps-l 3wt
  6. PM me if you have any trades. I am all ears.
  7. Is that the hong kong version of a Winston?
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  8. Biscuits, gravy, and a reach around? Ahhh the old Daniel classic + echo classic package. This should go fast
  9. I would be interested in a 9ft 4wt single hand or a 5wt switch
  10. So I guess I am open to all kinds of trades. Sitting in bed last night thought about all the stuff I would like to have. Open to any trade suggestions too.
  11. You get a new spey set up?
  12. Yes I did.
  13. SOLD pending funds.

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