Echo Dec Hogan rods?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Sloan Craven, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Anyone try those Dec Hogan rods from Echo? I guess there were a slew of them and the clearwater clave. How do they compare to the classic spey?
  2. Don't know, but I bet they're much better Spey rods than any "classic sapey."
  3. Sorry, major typo.
  4. I got to play with all of them a month ago. The 4 and 5 were very light but got the job done. I could see some use for swing flies for trout. The 6 and 7 would be great dry fly rods for summer fish. The 8 was unbelievable, without question one of the best rods I have had in my hands. To compare I would place the action some where between my Burk and Winston. The flex can be felt all the way into the handle, but I would not call it slow. It’s a strong rod with feel. I can see the 8 as an all around rod. From dries on the Deschutes to big flies on the Skagit. I did not spend much time with the 9 but if it is like the others it will perform. The price does not match the rod, its way under priced, you could have a 4, 6, and an 8 for what you would lay out for a high end rod. The Echo DH is well worth a hard look.
  5. hey Sloan- got to fish the 6 on the Cowlitz last week- the action is really not all that much different than the classic, like Marty mentioned, it flexes deep, but its definitely got pop. i was throwing airflo's compact head at 450grains with a 14ft fast sink poly with no hesitation or stall from the rod at all. Jared had the 5, and Jay the 7, ask them what they have to say about it. rods like these are definitely going to give the high-enders a good fight for the two handed market in the next couple years.
  6. How do the Dec Hogan rods price?
  7. They are going to be $329 give or take. From what I hear they will be out in Dec. some time.
  8. Any where north of Seattle we can check these rods out?
  9. Is anyone selling these rods online yet?
  10. As Marty stated the rods won't be out and available until December at the earliest. We could have had them out earlier, but Tim and I wanted to get it right. We've nailed the actions, now we are waiting for what is hopefully the last go 'round (of prototypes) in the cosmetic department. I'm really proud and excited about these rods! My buddy Tim Rajeff is awesome to work with and he really let me do it the way I wanted. I like a full flexing rod that's both crisp, and what I like to call, "self-casting". Meaning you don't have to work hard for that baby to sing. When the rods are "out", you can check to find all the dealers of Echo and Airflo products. Feel free to post me with any you may have questions about the rods. I'll try and answer to the best of my ability. Hope you're all enjoying the fall season. Dec
  11. Hey Dec,
    How do these compare to the flylogic series you had out. Just had my 7wt out on the Klick and it kicked ass. Really had to slow down and remember my skagit/spey cast, but it sang a pretty good tune with the Skagit head I had on there.
  12. Hi Matt,

    If you like the Logic rods, you'll love these! They have that same full flex, bit crisper overall with a bit more powerful tip. As for slowing down: that's great advice anytime anywhere!
  13. Dec,
    Do you like the one handed echo series too? Thinking about the 6100. Looking forward to seeing the new rods in the new year.
  14. Hi Terry,

    Long time amigo! Hope life has been treating you well. Actually I love the Echo 2's. This is NOT a biased opinion. I really like the rods. How can a Rajeff design a bad rod? I have fished the Echo2 9' 4 wt all summer and it has been a joy to fish. I really think you'd be happy with the 6100. Take care Terry.
  15. Hi Dec,

    Thank you, life is treating me pretty good. Thank you for the info on the rod. I got to see Jeff cast at the sportsman show one year..I do see what you mean on the rod design. Hope life is treating you well too. Again thank you!
  16. Dec,
    Dang you are a hard man to track down! After a long long departure from fly fishing ( not a whole lot in the desert) I have returned. I'm been searching to buy a new 5 wt. as I've still been using the old fiberglass Fenwick I bought in that pawn shop on Whidbey Island in 96. In my surfing online for a new rod I see your name popup quite often so I'd thought I see if I could catch you online sometime. Looks like your doing pretty well, glad to see it. Drop me a line when you've got time I'd enjoy hearing from you.
  17. Hey Pat,
    Don't you mean 1986? Great to hear from you! I still have a photo of you (circa 1986) sitting by a campfire after you took a dunking in the Chewuch River. Your clothes are drying on sticks perched around the fire and your blue jeans that were a little too close ignited and were reduced to a charred rag. Remeber that? I'll be in touch.
  18. Dec,
    Oh yea I remember that, froze my arse off ! I had to use a piece of rope to hold up me pants the rest of the day,looked like Jethro Clampett. Your right it was 86, how time "flies". No 4 layer ultralight waders back then, 100 % cottons Levi's were for wading. Looking forward to hear from you.
  19. I fished the 7 and the 8 all week. The 8 with out question is the best two hander I have ever had in my hands. I used both a Delta 8/9 and a Skagit 8/9 with tips. I used a 12 feet head on the delta and fished a 15 foot head on the Skagit. The 8 matched up perfect with both lines but the 8/9 Skagit cleared the longer Type 6 head with ease. The rod was pure and the full flex was very forgiving but not sloppy in anyway. The river was blown so the first few days I was fishing some big trailer trash. As the river came into shape I really did not notice much difference when I dropped in fly size. My search for a all around rod is now over, this thing can do it all. I did not spend as much time with the 7 (could not get it out of Dec’s hands). I did get to make one pass with it and the action was identical to the 8. There was no need to make any adjustments. I will have a better update on the 7 and the 6 when I get back from the Ronde.
  20. Let's see if I can pull this off without sounding like a jerk. I didn't know Dec was peddling Echo rods as there is nothing on their webpage about it. I assumed he was still with Flylogic but from what I could tell, they don't even make spey rods anymore.

    I met Dec once in Skagit Anglers years ago. I had a chum explode a $100 Cortland rod I bought from Eric and was asking Kim about their 1 year warranty. Dec was in and starts chastizing me for fishing chums in the first place (it was actually more like ribbing).

    I guess I'm a bit surprised about this endeavor. Dec moves off to Utah to be a firefighter but then later gets back on the fishing scene by hooking up with Echo rods. With no disrespect to Echo, I would have thought with Dec's name and reputation, he could have teamed up with a larger, more well known rod maker? All that speculation aside, with Tim and Dec's input and a $340 price range, it sounds like a winning combination. Will this rod include the second tip like the Echo 2?

    BTW- A Passion for Steelhead was instantly thrust into one the all-time classic steelhead books, ranking right up there with Comb's Steelhead Flyfishing.

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