Echo Dec Hogan rods?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Sloan Craven, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Good question, I will see if I can find out.
  2. Just returned from Creekside's Super Spey Daze got a chance to cast the a few of the Echo-Dec Hogan Speyrods and I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised at the rod line.
    Form the 4 wt on up Tim and Dec have done their home work and these rods when they become available should and will be very good rods in this price range for the average caster.
    The 13’3” is a true sweetheart and would make a very good beginners rod.
  3. I totally agree with your comment “would make very a good beginner rod” but the statement makes it sound like the rod does not raise above entry level. Though I have only fished the 8 weight for 14 days I do believe this rod is buy far one of the best two handed rods ever built. It’s hard to explain but what I have found is the rod is just easy to cast. When I had plenty of room I could slow way down, create a big D and shape a tight loop. When my back was up against the bank I could eliminate the big d and still create enough energy to complete the cast. I found I could reverse any of the casts with the same proficiency as the standard casts. The rod is very forgiving but stays strong even with a heavy Skagit line. I have fished a number of lines on the rod and it seemed to handle a wide range of lines. They are defiantly not a one line rod. It was the first time I felt I could go longer than a 15” sink tip, don’t know why you would want to though. The number one factor for me when comparing the DH to the other rods I own or have fished is the fatigue factor. Because of how well the rod performs I felt a lot less fatigue on my old bones. I have never been a fan of the light rod for steelhead but both the 6 and 7 have plenty of back bone to land a summer run and the 7 could become my go to rod. Do not let the cost of these rods fool you into thinking they are any less of a rod. My brand new Winston, Burk and the 14 other rods I own are taking a back seat to the Echo DH and money has nothing to do with it.

    The rods are late, looks like end of Feb. now

    As of right now no blanks, that might change but don’t bank on it.

    Marty Howard
  4. Marty,
    When I made that statement The 13’3” is a true sweetheart and would make a very good beginners rod. This is what the people were telling me when I ask their opinion of what they thought of the rod. If you spend some time listening to what the Average Flyfisher has to say you will learn a lot.
    This is what I do.
    Using the Day on the River and The Try Rack gives me a good chance to listen to what the Average Flyfisher want and has to say
    I let the public tell me what they want and then I know.
    A long time ago I learned that it makes very little to most people what tell them when they can check them out themselves.
    OBW I owned 14 Speyrods in 1989.
  5. Aaron as you know it is almost impossible to get a true feel for a rod by pulling it off the rack stepping into the water and casting it for 5 minutes. The first time I picked up the 8 weight I thought it might be a little slow but after fishing it with both a dry and sink tip I feel I can make a pretty fare assessment. When it comes to selecting a rod it all boils down to personal preference but where do you find that preference. Most “average anglers” take the advice of someone else, select an outfit and struggle to learn the cast. I fished a Loop Gray Label for a number of years. It’s a very quick rod that takes a little muscle to get it to perform. I found everything had to be perfect from the anchor to the release, if not the cast would fail. Learning how to cast with it would be almost impossible. The rod now spends most of it time in the case and I only break it out for the fun of casting something different. The Echo is very forgiving and for a new caster it would be a great choice to begin with but the same characteristic that would help a beginner gives the average caster the ability to improve their casting. I guess what I am trying to say is that the “average caster” would be able to produce an average cast with most of the production two handers on the market today and if that’s all you are looking for then there is no need to look any further. But if you want to take the steps to the next level of casting you will need a tool that can take you there. The Echo DH is that tools. Sounds like the makings of a good add, but then I have nothing to gain. I have to buy my rods, haven’t made it to get it for free level yet. It’s taken me 20+ years to learn the cast (I only had one two hander in 89) but then I say that only because of the advancement in rods and lines over the past 20 years have been so dramatic that with each change my casting has improved. There is no comparison to the rod I am fishing today to what I had to start with. Your so called average fly-fisher does not need to prolong their learning curve like I did. I have never settled for average maybe that is why I am so passionate about Dec’s new rods. Tim and Dec have done an awesome job on this project and for those that take advantage of it they will not be disappointed. There is nothing average about this rod, except for the cosmetics, but them most production rods are just average when it comes to cosmetic. You can call it what ever you want, I will call it comfortable because for me it is a joy to fish.

    I wish a few of you rod wrappers would put some heat on Tim to sell some blanks, it would be the ultimate.
  6. FIRST laugh of the day.

    "How do they compare to the classic sapey?"

    Welcome to Sr. Citizenship.;)
  7. Where are these rods already? I am waiting to try one out before I make my next spey rod purchase!!!

    Dec!!! I am sure the cosmetics are fine. Send them to the presses!!!
  8. Talked to Dec today and the rods are still on line for the 23rd of Jan
  9. Oh okay........I just thought they were planned for sometime last December.

    Thanks Marty!
  10. I understand what both of you mean. Aaron, Marty didn't mean his response the way you took it. When people hear a stick would make a 'very good beginners rod', at this low price point people will often perceive it's a beginners rod, especially with adjectives or labels applied to the rod ('beginners rod'). It's just psychology. Being in retail, you well know how important perception is.

    And Marty understands what you meant, it's just he wanted to point out the rod is one that spans all ability levels, isn't just 'beginners rod'. You're both right, you're just looking at the same issue from a different perspective. :thumb:

    It might be more appropriate to call it a 'beginner friendly' rod instead of a 'very good beginners rod'. The terms mean the same thing, except the latter is more of a label.

    I'm jacked to check out these sticks!

  11. You spey ?
  12. My bad the Jan date is incorrect. There is no firm date but the rods are on schedule. They are going to make one cosmetic change but the change has not delayed production.
  13. Rookie, baby; one has to start somewhere! :thumb:

  14. As much as I don't care about the cosmetics, I guess it probably is paramount to selling a rod well since this may be the very first spey rod for a lot of buyers.

    I see alot of new spey fishermen all the time around the PNW. Seems the spey market is still growing fast.

    I just want this thing in my hands before the middle of February otherwise I may have to bite elsewhere.

    I sold my only spey rod to buy a newer lighter rod like maybe one of these and the cash is starting to really burn in my pocket.

    I am not the type to buy multiple speys as I fish the same situations year after year and I just need a 7/8 spey to fill the void.

    Anyway, crossing my fingers here. If anyone can get one of the first batch that hits the market to me with some kind of a possible return program, PM me.
  15. It just seems curious; why do you expect someone to offer you, or anyone, a return program? Once a person buys something, unless it's defective, shouldn't it be expected that person is supposed to keep it? :confused:
  16. I simply meant it would be under warrenty and not an early proto model or something. Said it in too many words before my first coffee of the day.
  17. jbuehler,
    I'm certain Poppy at the Red Shed will have a better shot than most other fly shops of having them in his shop the first go round. Contact him and let him know what you're interested in and then take it for a "test drive". If you don't like it, you're only obligated for return postage.
  18. There are some fly shops that are heavily into spey tackle that have "test drives" in one form or another. Two board sponsors All About the Fly and River Run Anglers have their Days on the River with a great assortment of tackle to test free of charge. Mark Bachmann in Welches rents demo spey tackle at a very nominal fee with almost all of the charge being returned with a purchase. I have the "test drive plan" where spey tackle can be demoed with no obligation except the return postage. Even this board has some demo tackle I believe.

    jbuehler, I feel your pain but I'm reminded of the saying, "a watched pot never boils". I have been through this new rod waiting game with several rod manufacturers including some of the BIG BOYS. All I can say is those rods will get here when they get here and no amount of wishing will change a thing. I can tell you Tim Rajeff will not be releasing anything until he is 100% satisfied with the product.

    If you are under a heavy time restraint to get back to fishing a two hander I would suggest a 13'-7/8 Echo Classic. Not much pocketbook pain, classic good looks, easy casting action, in my opinion, good resale value, and a "NO BS" no fault fast turn around warranty.
  19. Anyone care to offer some insights into Steve's (SSpey)post and questions???
    Salmon Chaser
  20. Saw these rods for sale in The Fly Shop's newest catalog today. Retail $330, look like nice rods.


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