Echo Dec Hogan rods?

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  1. Awesome I look forward to trying these things out.
  2. Did they have a picture? if so, do they look like described here, black blanks, green accessories?
  3. It's hard to tell from the picture, but Marty's description looks accurate. Blackish blank (can't see the thread wraps), green graphite reel seat insert with silver hardware, and a fairly standard grip setup with reddish or burnt burl ends on each grip.

  4. As mentioned there has been a cosmetic change. Wraps and reel seat are going to be gray now with the rest of the rod staying the same. The production is still on schedule and we should start to see them soon. The information on the Fly Shops page is incorrect and the photos are of a prototype. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the production rods and still think they are well worth the wait.
  5. bump this thread up.....any word on release yet?
  6. I received word yesterday from a reliable source that the demos with cosmetic changes have been received and with any luck the rod will be in production soon. I personally have not seen them yet though.
  7. I took a quick look at them on the rack in the Echo booth at the FF show in Bellevue. Tim Rajeff said they would be in the shops in April. I did consider a career in journalism but you might want to get some confirmation on my report.
    -- Larry
  8. Classic!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  9. I also talked with Tim ... same time frame given. What will make them rock is the short scandi heads they are working on. Hopefully they figure things out and the lines are available this summer. The rods load deep into the handle and I suspect will take well to underhand casting. I played with the 4 wt rod ... think I'll get one when the lines for it come out.

    Steve Egge
  10. Hello all

    I just ordered a Echo-Dec Hogan 12' 6" 6Wt. Per the factory the rods will be out in April 08. Looking forward to casting this rod after reading about it's performance on this and other sites.

    I called Marriott's today to check if the right rod was ordered. Inside they found a "Classic 12'6" 6wt rod, not the "Dec Hogan 12'6" 6wt" rod that I had ordered. Oh well I will have to wait till April like I was told before. False alarm

  11. I'm going to be getting the DH 8133. Any line recomdations for the rod ? Thanks Chuckie
  12. Just got an e-mail stating the rod is now "in production" and will be "in stock" first week of May.

    Sorry, I didn't ask what year...
  13. Airflo 8/9 Delta
  14. Can't find any links or anywhere to buy or see pics of the rod. Anyone able to help me out?
  15. Hello all

    I just got my Decho Echo 12'6" 6wt. I was not real sure what to line the rod with so for now I have a Rio WC 6/7/8 floating line at 455 grains, well within the 390 - 510 grain window. This is a very traditional action rod and lite in the hand.

    Does anyone have any line reccomendations for this rod. I am looking to fish summer runs with dry flies. Any info would be appreciated. Poppy???

    Thanks for your help,
    Rod Pabst
  16. I've been throwing a beulah elixir 435gr cut back 5 ft. and 14 ft polys on that stick. 'everyone has their own style', but this combo seems to throw effortlessly in all the hands its been in, hard to make a bad cast. even if you're stuck on longer heads, give this one or any other similar scandinavian style head a shot. keeping 55ft of belly off the water with only a 12.5 footer is just too much work for me.
  17. The WF9 40+ with a polyleader floater feels and flys beautifully. I just spent an hour on the river test driving that very rod and this will be my next summer rod and line set up!

  18. I am kinda partial to my 7130 and a 600 grain Airflo Compact and my 4119 with a 40 Plus 7wt. Now if I could only hook something larger then a smolt or cuttie this spring.

    In regards to the 6130, I have tried both the 420 and 450 compact heads and they work fine on this rod if you prefer a skagit line. I have not yet casted a scandi head on the larger Dec rods nor his Delta. I am looking forward to giving them a try.

    Anyone else playing around with these rods?
  19. Does anyone on the north end of seattle carry these? I would like to give that 7130 and the 5122 a swing.

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