Echo Dec Hogan rods?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Sloan Craven, Sep 30, 2007.

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    if you can get a hold of SA's single hand skagit, it really casts more like a scandi, but will throw tips all day as well. the good thing about these lines is that they are available in 40grain increments starting from 280 to 400 at 22 and 23ft, great for any of the lighter and shorter two handers both old and new (sage 6126 brownie to these dechos). Mike D and I have been meaning to give this a shot on his 4119 decho, it should do the job as the 40+ felt a bit clunky for that stick. theres just no taper to it. take a look at the diagram on the back of the single hand skagit box. you form that bullet loop, and the rest is along for the ride, and with the grains sitting just outside the tip top, it loads quick and doesnt have that clunky feel. the tip diameter at .056'' allows strong tip turnover without "wrinkling out" towards the end of the cast. it also has the grain weights, which should be pretty useful as the dechos have actual grain windows, not just recommended line weights.
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    Jeremy - Avid Angler has both of the rods your looking for - Just call and ask for Nate he should have lines for them.

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    You pick one up Chris? I am still trying to figure out the perfect line on mine right now. I think K2 is on something with the single hand SA Skagit lines. I am thinking his 280 head with a small tip might work on my 4119. I really want to be able to cast semi large flies in the salt with this rod this summer.
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    Mike - I am still trying to find the time to catch up with Nate and cast them. Dec told me to use three weights higher on the smaller rods with single handed lines. So the 5122 would use a single hander 8wt line. I think K2 might have it have it as well, we will see.

    Keep me posted on what you guys are finding that works - I will do the same.

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    I think Dec's info is exacty on the money. For me the 4119 seems to work extremely well with an Airflo 40+ 7wt and a 10' floating poly leader and the 5122 with the 40+ 8wt and a
    10' floating poly leader.