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  1. I just picked up an Echo SR 5wt to use at the beach and on rivers. For the rivers part, I think I know what line I want to get, but I'm not sure about what to do for beach fishing. I was thinking of a Rio Outbound Short or an Airflo Forty Plus, both in 7wt.

    Anybody have any experience with throwing these lines on this rod at the beach? Any general preference between the two lines? Any other lines I should look at for this setup?
  2. I've used a regular Rio OB (not the short) and it fires pretty good. One roll cast to get the head out, water load it, double haul, and then bombs away.
  3. +1

    I'm thinking along this route. Like to have a saltwater switch rod in the near future

  4. I've fished both lines, just not on that rod. I'm not with the SR action, but I'd think a 5 or 6 wt line would be a better choice then a 7 for a 5 wt.
    You didn't mention what line you are considering for the beach, so I'll assume an intermediate.
    As far as the lines, I like the Airflo Ridge running line better. Very few tangles with the running line. The line colors leave a lot to be desired.
    Bright orange running line with a opaque green head.....really? They really took a step back by no longer offering a clear head on the 40+ intermediate.

    The Rio has only a 15' clear head which is better then the Airflo. To bad they didn't make the full 30' head clear.
    Other lines to consider, SA Streamer Express or Wulff Ambush.
    If you can cast them before you buy, that will be the best way to select a line for your rod.
    Good luck,
  5. Jordan, thanks for the feedback. Have you fished the Rio OB on this rod, or just in general? If on this rod, what wt line?

    SF, the 5wt switch is really like a 7wt single hand. I'm thinking intermediate, like you said, but am still not decided between that and floating. Very good point on the clear tips! I just noticed that reading more on the Airflo. The 15' on the Rio does make it better in that respect.
  6. Ff,
    Sorry, should have recognized that was a switch rod, so I understand why you want to over line it.
    I've used both lines in 8 WT on my TFO Deer Creek 5 wt swith rod. I went with an 8 wt based on what was recommended by one of the fellows that designed the rod. I was overhead casting and still liked the Airflo better as far as casting goes.
  7. I use it on my Redington CPX 7wt switch.

    I can't recommend it for river fishing, per-se, as a switch line for specifically spey casting, but if you want to bomb a really long cast fairly easy (which I assume is the plan for the beach) I like it.
    Be aware that the shooting head part of the line is a few grains heavier than the labelled weight so depending on how soft or slow a rod might be to choose the line accordingly.

    For example, for single-handing, the 5wt Rio OB is a little too heavy for my 5wt Redington Pursuit (personally) and would feel more comfortable with probably a 4wt Rio OB or a matched (5wt) WF or DT line.
    On my 7wt switch, which is "similar" to a 9 single-hand, I like an 8wt Rio OB for the casting style which I stated in my earlier post.
  8. Thanks for the great input guys! Seems like they're both great lines for the switch. I'll have to cast both of them on my rod to decide.
  9. I'm a much bigger fan of the Outbound vs. the Airflo in this case. The Streamer express is also a good choice, but again, I prefer the Outbound.
    Without getting into the other brands, it’s worth pointing out that you have 6 different options with this line in an ‘intermediate’ Outbound alone.
    Really there are 3 different options, but first you need to decide whether you want a 7 or 8 weight. If you are an aggressive caster, or will be single handing and adding a haul, I would opt for the 7 weight. If you intend to overhead cast with two hands, I prefer the 8 weight in the Outbound on that rod. (Yes I have fished that line on that rod). Once you determine which size is better suited to you, you now have 3 options with intermediate sink rates.
    1) Outbound Intermediate. 37.5’ of clear intermediate seamlessly attached to floating chartreuse opaque running line. This was the original. (Full disclosure, I had a small part in designing it and there are a few things I would change about it today). This is still a great line for fishing from a boat, but the running line is more ‘tangly’ (that’s a real word) and the longer head can be difficult in tighter situations. (Also, all ‘Outbound’ lines that are not listed as ‘short’ are generally about 15 grains heavier, which is neither good nor bad.)
    2) Outbound Short Intermediate. 30’ of clear intermediate integrated into translucent chartreuse intermediate running line. My current favorite off of the beach. For those of you not enamored with the running line from the original Outbound (#1) it’s worth pointing out that this running line is completely different from the original. It does sink faster than necessary for some beaches, but this doesn’t hamper me in most situations as I tend to strip streamers quickly.
    3) Outbound Intermediate tip. 30’ of shooting head. 15’ of clear intermediate followed by a 15’ section of white floating head all seamlessly integrated into a green floating running line. This gives you a line that casts very similarly to option #2, but has only 15’ of sinking line. Depending on your preference, or the beach you prefer to fish, either one may be your choice.
    Incidentally, option #2 is quite easily the most popular line we sell.
  10. Anil,
    Great info. Is the OB short a newer line then the OB short tip?
    I don't recall that being available when I purchased the tip version after the short first came out. I called Rio to ask about the clear head lengths and was told 15' was the only available option at the time.
  11. Anil, thanks for the detailed info! I think 7wt is what I'd want to go with and will test cast to make sure. #2 is what I've been thinking if I go with the Rio.

    Here's Rio's page on the OB, and they list the 5 available options:

    #3 sounds like a great line if you want that specifically. I think I want something a bit more versatile. I threw the Airflo version of a floater with a short intermediate head and it worked really well for the way I was using it.

  12. Yes, kind of:
    Rio initially came out with it as a compliment to the original and as a way to improve the castability. Unfortunately, come production time, they only came out with it in 8-10 weight sizes in the full intermediate for the striped bass market. After pleading with them and finally agreeing to buy huge minimum quantities, they decided to offer the line in 5-7 weight sizing to anyone.
    Just to make it more confusing, they offer the EXACT SAME LINE in both a ‘freshwater’ and ‘cold saltwater’ configuration. The only difference is the box (the ‘cold saltwater’ features a Sea Run Cutthroat and is only available in from 6-10 weight). The box is also labeled as an Outboud (sic) not an Outbound. The ‘freshwater line (again the exact same line) features a Brown Trout is correctly labeled an an Outbound, and comes in 5-10 weight sizing. Remember, these lines are identical, except the box.
    The key difference with this line over the line you currently have and the original Outbound is the translucent yellow INTERMEDIATE running line. It is much slicker than the floating version found on the original and therefore less prone to tangling.
  13. I have a regular Outbound intermediate (8wt) and a Outbound Short (6wt - #2 option full intermediate head). I like Outbound Short more overall (the running line is nicer), but I can certainly cast the regular Outbound further (keep in mind it is an 8 wt). It would be interesting to cast both side by side on the same rod. My guess is the longer head = longer casts with everything else equal. I do have to false cast more to get that distance from the regular Outbound, where as the short is very nice with a roll, one falsecast, and shoot. Even though I like the Outbound Short running line better, I have very few tangling problems with the regular Outbound using a quality stripping basket (especially after a nice coho stretches the line for me ;) ).
  14. Haha, the Freshwater vs. Cold Salt confused me as well, and I just noticed the "Outboud."

    From the descriptions of the short, I think it's exactly what I want. The roll-onefalse-shoot is what I like, and it sounds just like on my integrated shooting heads. It's fast and it's easy. And being able to get a decent cast out quickly should be real handy when you're trying to get to fish working the surface.
  15. Thanks for the info Anil.
    I'll have to look at the 30' clear head version once I'm done going through all my original 40+ lines.
    Hopefully by that time Airflo will be back in the clear head game with everyone else.

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