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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Sean Matthews, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Sean Matthews Member

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    I want to buy a switch rod for the following and I have determined I am going to get a Echo SR, but I am having a problem with the weight.

    Here is what/how I will be fishing for

    Trout anywhere I can in WA and MI
    Dollies on the Sauk, Whitechuck, Suiattle & Skagit
    SRC in rivers

    I wanted to get a 5wt but is that enough stick if I hook into a monster Dolly, or brown back in Michigan?

    Also could a 5wt handle smaller steelhead back in Michigan, or should I just move to the 6wt?

    I will be using the Rio Switch for Nymphing/indicator and a Scandi Short for Swinging and stripping.
  2. Dan Page Active Member

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    Perhaps you should look at it from the size of flies you want to throw and if you're going to throw tips. Some Dolly flies are pretty big. A 5wt. may not be able to handle well--but I don't know as I'v never used it. I do have the 6wt. and like it much.
  3. Andrew Lawrence Active Member

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    I have had no problem catching and landing bull trout and Skamania origin summer runs on smaller rivers (this includes some of the rivers that you mentioned) in western Washington on my Echo SR5 with a 360 grain Airflo switch head and 6 - 8 foot lengths of T-11. However, as Dan mentioned, I do find myself limited in the size of the flies that I can use; especially when I want to use large flies for bull trout. But otherwise, I had a blast with it this past summer.
  4. Red Shed "junkyard spey"

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    That SR 5wt is the equivalent of a 7wt single hander.
  5. Sean Matthews Member

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    Thanks for the advice on this. I think I am gonna go with the 5wt and watch the size of my flies.
  6. DocDoc Member

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    The size of fly also depends on the line used. A shorter head with a short front taper will turn over more than than a longer line with a longer taper. Using a Skagit or Scandi with a short front taper will turn over pretty big flies.

    I was using a AirFlo 390 short scandi recently and turning over 3-4" trailer flies.
  7. Terry Bare Member

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    if you want to throw a bigger fly .. try tying it sparce..
  8. 5shot Member

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    You can always email Rajeff Sports - they always answer my emails promptly, and they know a thing or 100 about the stuff they make.