echo tr 6126 any one use one?

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  1. i was looking at getting a 12 ft 6 6 wgt spey rod for summer and fall and some winter fishing. i fish some tight spots were a shorter rod would come in handy. i casted one of these last saturday. it seemed like a nice stick for the price and was easy to cast. i was wondering if any one fished this rod. looking for a 6 wgt to go with my 7 wgt. i was thinking a 480 skagit would work good on this rod for throwing tips and maybe a 390 or 420 scandi. could probably pay more for another spey rod. but this rod works so im better of to save the dough for gas!
  2. The TR 6 is a great rod for the money. It casts really well with Skagit Compact 480g. Fun rod. I haven't had a chance to check out a Scandi line on it yet. I would think you're on the right track with the 390/420 though.
  3. I have heard so many good things about this stick. If you do a search on speypages you will find some very positive feedback on this stick. I think you are in the ballpark with the lines you've mentioned.
  4. I've fished the TR6126 for several years on various types of water, and found it to be very effective, very forgiving. I prefer a 475 rio skagit flight, and have found that (in terms of lifting force) the airflo 480 is adequate to the point of excess on that rod, unless you're purposely throwing really heavy stuff (in that case ask wadecalvin for recos).

    For scandi, I use a 390 gr Rage with a custom rear cheater of 3 feet and around 25 grains (IMO it smooths out the rage's rear taper and makes energy transfer from skinny mono running line more effective. Or, you can just put a 14' poly tip on your 480 Airflo compact, if you decide that's the line for you!

    Disclaimer: above text highly subjective opinion...
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  5. That's one of my all time favorites, regardless of price. I prefer a 420 Skag and a sightly lighter Skandi.
  6. The TR 6126 is one of my all time favorites!!! I have had the 7130 and loved it too but the 6126 is lighter and crisper. I lined mine with a 435 Beulah Elixer for dries and wet flies for summer work, and I bounce between then Airflo 450 Skagit Intermediate and the 480 Skagit Compact with 10-12.5' of t11. I don't cast monster intruders but it will sling some meat. I like it with a little heavier Skagit head because it loads the rod up a little deeper and helps the rod generate more power. That is one thing that all the TR sticks have going for them, they are like the Diesel engines of the Spey world they will run forever with power to spare. They might be a tick heavier than the so called "high performance rods" but they deliver the goods day in and day out.

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