echo tr 7130 or echo3 7130

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by shorthair15, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. shorthair15 New Member

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    im looking for a new spey rod. i was thinking of going with a echo tr 7130 or echo3 7130 for winter and summer fishing. i was wondering if any one in sw washington may have one i could try casting before i buy one. i was going to use it for skagit lines and poly leaders. this is what i use usually for sink tip work. i use a scandi line and versi leaders and poly leaders in the summer. i have 2 loop spey rods one 15 ft'r and a 14 ft 9 wgt. was looking for a lighter rod. its been several years since i purchased a new spey rod i see most seven weight's can now do what the 9 weight was doing. i fish mainly steelhead as i live on the cowlitz. thanks
  2. Evan Virnoche Guest

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    I live my tr8136 absolute cannon
  3. aplTyler Inept Steelheader

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    I don't have one, nor have I casted one but I've heard AMAZING things about the Echo 3. $200 more bucks than the TR (also have not casted one) but it's supposedly extremely refined. The TR is definitely not as nice cosmetically, and it's a quick rod but I've heard good things about it. I'd personally spend the extra next time though and get an Echo 3. It's my next spey for sure...

    Downside is it's a lot of coin for a non-US rod but Echo is phenomenal with their warranty service and that's what matters to me anymore. I have an Echo SR, Echo 2 7wt spey, and Echo Solo 6 wt spey. I dig them all. Great products.

    Good luck either way with your search.
  4. hookedonthefly Active Member

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    The TR7 has become a staple for me. I have two and they are put to regular, hard use. A Skagit 540g lines this rod really, really well. I had a last minute chance to cast the Echo 3 with a Skagit 540g. I felt it was overlined but we ran out of time. I was told it sings with a 510g.
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    Got a TR for Christmas, 6wt 12'6 and have enjoyed casting the stick. Everything about it is great, not to mention the warranty and service by ECHO. Personally i dont think you could go wrong with either sticks, the Echo 3 does look a little nicer but i feel the TR is great for the money.

    Figure out your price point and go from there. Honestly if i was going to drop the coin to by a Echo 3 i would look at a Sage VXP. But thats just my opinion, and as many of you know i dont know much about Spey Casting :)
  6. Rick Todd Active Member

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    I bought the TR 7130 from Hookedonthefly and I love it. Not that I am a great spey caster, but it definitely made me a better one-great value for the money! Rick
  7. hookedonthefly Active Member

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    And, if I was going to look at a VXP, I'd call Bob and get a Meiser :D .
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    well i tried the echo's then i tried the beluah platinuim 7132. i liked the way beluah casted a little better over the echo3 so i went with it. the rod is very light weight and cast sink tips and big flies well. thanks