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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Randall Clark, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. so, I have a confession to make....I'm a total Pink virgin. There, I said it.

    So educate me. PLEASE!!!

    I'm going to be attending the Clark family campout at Deception Pass State Park Aug. 9-11. I'll be throwing in my older Echo 10' 6wt (lined up with 200gr Outbound floating--love the way that line casts on that rod), or, ideally, I'll be throwing my Steffen Brothers 8'6" 7/8wt glass rod (actually lighter than the Echo by a full ounce, not to mention lighter swing weight) lined up with a 265gr Outbound (casts great on this rod), but it's the floater with the 15' intermediate tip (I don't have a full floater in that line weight)--I love this rod and would absolutely love to get a Pink on it. Let's see, stripping basket, size 4-8 sparse pink flies with a bit of sparkle...what else?

    My understanding is that the beaches right there in the park can get rather crowded, but I don't care as my free time will likely be early in the morning (we're talking very dawn until 7:30 or 8). What types of tides fish best typically? what about the area right there near Deception Pass? I can drive, but don't want to go too far away...

    Muchas gracias,
  2. Throw something pink
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  3. be there before dawn. have a stake to mark your spot. it's a 1 to 1 1/2" pvc tube about 18" long with a rebar about the same length but most of it is down so you can stick it in the ground and when ya need to take a break ya put your rod in it and no one should fish in your spot. if they do well that's up to ypu how ya handle it.
    have fun and get to know some of the others out there. tight lines and happy pink fishing.
  4. 6wt and floating line is perfect. Add 7-8 ft 15lb Maxima Ultragreen leader (for simplicity; my preference) and a weighted, sparse and sparkly fly, preferably in pink. Use sharp strips to give the fly jiggy action, that is what gets pinks excited the most. Have a blast!
  5. I'll offer up another opinion: I don't fish smaller than a 7wt now. In years past, my 6wt was a go-to, but as the fish grow with each run, so has my rod choice. I think a 6 is fine in the hands of someone who is experienced, but I find I have more fun when I'm more properly equipped.

    I typically just run 8lb line. 15 works fine as they're not particularly leader shy, but I like to be able to break off easier if the need arises. With 15lb maxima on a 6-8wt rod, that rod will break before the line will in some cases.
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  6. Thanks for the extra info (in addition to the numerous times this topic has been covered)...

    I typically fish 10-12lb floro for Jetty work, so I was planning on sticking with that.

  7. That should work just fine. I mean, anything between 8 and 15lb is perfect. It's just preference.


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  8. perfect, thanks Evan. That looks a little like what I've been tying up...simple & fast...just the way I like them.
  9. good point Evan about breaking rods. i use 15 lb UG on an 8 wt rod, so ican still break off if needed. 10 lb for a 6 wt should be about right.
  10. I use 10lb 7' leader on my 7# rod with a NIWF7F line seams to be ok.
  11. What size fly do folks like? I seemed to do better on the smaller size in 2011, albeit throwing to spotted pods. Maybe bigger size is better for prospecting.
  12. I use a #4 xx straight hook. flies I like woolly buggers but modified with less stuff and a short tail. same with my pink turds. my buddy hooked 2 pinks but lost em both. he is using a 4w rod and that puppy just about bent in two besides it was his first time with a fly pole and didn't really know what to do. he hooked em using my pink turds. what a kick watching.
  13. My fly box is mostly all size 6 and size 8
  14. 1/0 for me and I rarely lose a fish. My rule is to run the largest possible hook for salt salmon patterns, although too big gets heavy and collects more salad.

  15. I like my flies like I like my women: simple and fast. :p
  16. HMMM, ok.
  17. Nice looking fly, Evan. Most of my flies are sized from 4 - 8 depending on the hook style. I did tie a couple of really flashy pink clouser minnows on a 4x long size two hook with some BIG dumbell eyes just tyo see what they would do. Haven't tried them yet but I will get to them shortly.
  18. It.Is....Revealed. Lurkers take note and get thee to a vice. Evan has done you a big favor.
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  19. Stick with a 10 lb. to 12 lb. line. Anything more than that won't allow you to get the natural, jiggy action. Floating line, as long of a tapered leaded (30-20-12) as you can stretch out comfortably. Usually 3'/3'/3' for a total of 9' is great. Heavy barbell eyes on a pink n white clouser style is all you need to worry about. Irregular strips and vary the time in which you start stripping to allow your fly to sink a bit.

    As far as the crowds go.......people don't like to walk too far and they stay by there car. That beach holds fish all the way down to the naval station. Walk a little south. I will be down there too for the weekend. Have fun and bring a cooler.
  20. That fly picked up three humpies this morning on an off the radar MA11 walk-in you and I have discussed a few times. Not many fish around, or really showing themselves for that matter. But a couple hours there produced a couple for me.

    Another thing about the line/leader thing. I like to use fluoro for this in order to really help with that fast drop jiggy motion. Fluoro sinks while mono is more buoyant.
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