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Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by martyg, Jun 27, 2010.

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    Last year S&W brought in these Turkish A&D boxlocks in 20 gauge into the States under their own name, and set a price point of $2,500 – which was killer for what was being offered. I know the factory that these come out of and in my business I get to tour a lot of factories in a lot of countries, looking at QA process and production efficiencies. In fact, I was going to have this factory build a custom gun for me on this same action with full engraving and exhibition wood, but costs got stupid to import one gun.

    In any case, these guns are being closed out because of priority shift at S&W, where they are getting out of sporting arms. Cabela’s has them for $1,500. I went by the store yesterday to handle one (I have only handled guns produced by this factory that were the factory's stock model, but bot produced for S&W) and was really impressed. So impressed that I almost bought one - and may still do so - to stash for the grandchild or use as the basis for a custom project gun.

    To give you an idea of the value that they represent, the inherent quality is better that the CSMC RBLs - and that is not my assessment, but the assessment of a prominent gun writer friend who owns both. RBLs are in the $4K - $5K range. So for $1,500, you are essentially getting a $4K gun.

    If you, or someone that you know, is looking for a great buy on a 20 gauge S x S I can’t recommend these guns highly enough. Get the double trigger gun, as most single triggers coming out of Turkey can be really, really flaky.

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    Bill Hanus is also selling them starting at $1,250. I keep thinking about one, but would really like a POW with double triggers, not single. It's getting to be less of an issue as days go by...

    BTW, S&W warranties these guns forever...no kidding.
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    Roper -

    Bill just has a few guns left. You can get them with double triggers, straight grip, 28" barrels at Cabela's - which is what I looked at, but Bill may be out. He and many others had the double trigger guns. Cabela's guns also have a LOP of 15 1/8" which is ballpark what I shoot.

    You've seen my English 2.5" game gun, and if I didn't have a 20 gauge Garbi on order and 12 gauges that weigh in at six pounds I would have bought one - just seems too redundant.
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    if you know where to look they were available at $899. I haven't handled one thought about it and sent the info to some friends. I won't bash Turkish guns but for $2,500 even $1,500 you can get some nice doubles these days, especially since the Euro has dropped so much.
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    Hey Float...

    Do you have a lead on 28", double trigger, straight stock for $899? If so, I would buy one, but those sellers all seem to have short barrel guns left.

    RE Turkish guns... No need to bash them. Granted, it is not like getting a bespoken Garbi or Westley Richards, but not many people have the means to spend $20K - $80K on guns of that level. If you have toured arms factories in a bunch of different countries and have toured this factory in Turkey you would see that they run a tight ship. FYI FOB on this gun is about $1000USD - so even at $1500 it is a great bargain compared to ordering it direct - assuming that you have that ability - once you get through paying VAT, duty & shipping.
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    Is there an O/U version available?
    Never shot a SXS.
    LOP 15 1/8" seems long...for a thick chested guy with short arms.
    I hate to buy something I've never shot before.
    Any other info available?
    Where do you guys shoot?
    I need to be fitted to know what to look for.
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    Hey Steely -

    I am 5'10", athletic but more aerobic guy, and my LOP is 15". Of all of the stock measurements, LOP is the least important, and the easiest to fix. You might want to call AAA Claybusters (Google them) and seee if Tony or Maureen can do a fitting for you. The next step for optimal fit would be to send the gun to a good stock bender / smith - and I know several - to get the job done. I have checkered butts on a number of my guns and they look nice, but are a pain. Pachmyer's Leather Faced recoil pad adds protection to the butt stock and it fitting for a double gun.

    I think that S&W also imported an O/U, but from what I have seen it doesn't have the same inherent quality as the SxS - it might have been produced in a different plant. A used SKB might be a better option is you are going that route. I also have a used Beretta 686 Onyx that I am going to be selling - custom straight grip stock with decent figure, 15" LOP - maybe $800. Solid gun in good condition - I just never use it.
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    The latest issue of Shotgun News had the same S&W listed for $899. I can check and provide dealer info if you want. Not sure what they still have in stock. Still a bit leary of Turkish made guns but might check them out
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    Marty, let me understand this correctly, you can buy the same shotgun with double triggers at Cabelas? I was looking closely at the CZ Bobwhite they had there last year but didn't bite the bullet. You're right, it's not a bespoke gun, but it isn't bad at all. I was thinking it might make a great chukar gun.

  10. steelydan Newb seeking wisdom

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    Thanks, Marty...keep me in mind re Beretta.
    I tried to buy an Ithaca-labeled SKB from a guy who thought it was worth more than it was.
    Then he took it to Stan Baker and got it tubed.
    Did the same with an AYA No1 that I tried to save from his hands.
    Still pisses me off.
    Thanks for info guys.
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    Yeap - I handled one the other day. I have to go back today with a return and might pick it up. I also have a 20 gauge Garbi on order - so not sure how the S&W would fit in. They have them, system wide and can always order one from another store for you - just tell them what you want.

    I have some CZs (although not shotguns) - nice guns - but the S&W is more for the money - IMO.
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    Marty, PM sent. I was mistaken the repo LC's are $899 the S&W are $1190.

    But, I was pretty clear I wasn't bashing Turkish guns. They are making some fine guns after some challenges. My point was for $1,500 you have options, such as Uggies, BSS and many others. But I should be clear you might be looking at used guns that most likely they will have fixed bores.

    Enjoy your Garbi!
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    Based on this thread I looked at Cabela's, and the S&W gun they have is single trigger, not double. I assume that this gun is flaky then, based on your comment about single trigger guns coming from Turkey.

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    Hey Salmo -

    I was at Lacy over the weekend and they had a 28", SS DT gun. They are in the system even if they are not listed on the web site.