egg flies?

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by J Nordwell, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. How do you tie the egg patterns? I also wonder if anyone has used the rubber eggs instead of yarn? Thinking of trying some eggs for the winter. So any help as far as hook, etc.. Thanks
  2. A lot of people use ruber eggs instead of yarn but they will always have yarn eggs with them. i usualy stick with a gamagatsu Glo-bug hook and some Glo-bug yarn. Go to youtube and search tying Glo-bugs and there should be a video on how to tie them. It will take a while to get them down just dont get dicouraged. Good Luck!

  3. Hot-Glue eggs are an easy alternative to look at. I prefer chenille over glo-bug yarn, although I do use McFly foam for the veil around the egg.

  4. Okay, by the far the easiest way is to take a bunch of egg yarn about an inch long. The thickness will vary by company, so you'll have to experiment a little with what you have. Start with 2 ropes. Using VERY strong thread tie the material on TOP of the hook ONLY as tight as you can! Use a thumb and two finger grip (you'll figure out what I mean if you pantomine) to pull upwards on both ends of the yarn after a couple wraps and tighten down hard on the thread to make sure everything is really secured and the material stays on top. Whip finish in front of the material an make sure the knot is tight against the yarn.

    Now here's why you need really strong thread. While still secured in the vise grab both ends of the yarn simultaneously with a thumb and two finger grip and pull upwards as hard as you can without pulling the hook out of the vise or the material off the hook. Now one clean fast cut about a quarter inch above the hook shank and the yarn will miraculously form a neat round ball! If it's "mostly a ball", but not completely round, or appears a little hollow on the bottom try a little more material on the next one, but if it's mostly round, and just a little hollow it's perfectly fishable as it will fill in when it absorbs water. By doing two strands of one material, and one or a half of another color you can easily put the "embryo" in the egg look. Some of my buddies used to quickly singe the egg with a lighter to make it smoother, but their eggs didn't fly out of the bin any faster than mine did, so I don't see the need to do that, but try it, you might like it...
  5. Try beads. No tying, only painting fingernail polish.
  6. they sell little puff balls in the right shape at craft stores, could probably thread one of those on a hook, also the glo bugs that look the best to me are the ones with yarn tied on top and bottom.

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