Egg Laying Grannom

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Ron Eagle Elk, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Getting ready for the Mother's Day Hatch I toyed with the idea of an egg laying Grannom for those of us who miss the intitial hatch. Came up with this.


    Hook: Daiichi 1110
    Thread: Black Danville's 70 denier
    Egg Sac/Underbody: Kreinik Soi Platte Silk, color number 225, waxed.
    Body: Peacock Quill
    Thorax: Dark Brown Squirrel SLF mix
    Hackle: Medium Dun Hen

    Here's the same fly soaked.


    Comments are welcome.
  2. Very nice, buggy pattern. Almost a perfect profile! will the hackle sweep back while under water???
  3. Connor,

    Yup, they do sweep back, but that little dubbed thorax keeps the hackle from being plastered along the body.
  4. That should be a fishy pattern, Nice tie!
  5. I always admire your ties, nice job. (I also want your new vise!)

    What do you think of Don Johnson's idea (Fly Tyer 2002) adding a few strands of clear antron over the back of the fly just before wrapping the hackle to add a little sparkle/trapped air bubbles? I remember his article claimed it improved strikes 7 to 1 in field testing. I think LaFontaine also included antron in his egg laying patterns to trap air bubbles which the insects bring down with them as they deposit their eggs.
  6. Thanks, Riseform. I love the Snowbee-Waldron vise. Best money I've spent in a while. When I got the flies wet, I noticed that, even though they sank quickly, there were small air bubbles trapped in the squirrel/SLF thorax. I have a little of the Clear Antron sold by the BookMailer. I may try that bubble string idea.
  7. Really nice tie Ron. I appreciate seeing the wet/dry photos.

    There are a number of good reasons to wax silk. Which ones apply to this pattern?

  8. Tim,

    The main reason I waxed the silk in this case was to get the right color for the egg sac when the fly was wet. The egg sac on the Grannom is an emerald green and sort of dull colored. Waxing the silk gave just about the right color. I used a light colored wax one of my tying mates from the UK sent.
  9. Ron,
    Great tie! What size hook?
  10. This is on a 12 which is kinda big. Will go down to a 14 or 16 for fishing.
  11. I've been tying of few of these as well.

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  12. Nice fly, Ron. The more I get into the traditional styles and materials, the more I find myself drawn to your flies when I cruise the site.
  13. Pat M,

    Exactly where I got the idea for the soft hackle version. Mike Conner put me onto that site.


    My friend Donald Nicolson has a great site in the UK. Heavy in history and fly patterns. Well worth the time to check out.
  14. Thanks, Ron. That's a great site!
  15. Thanks for the site Ron, great info

  16. These are great. What do you have holding the fly in the pics?
  17. Hey Ron just a side question what camera are you shooting your patterns with? What sort of background are you using? Sorry didnt mean to get off topic.

  18. Nick ASW,

    The thingy hlding the fly is an electronics test clip that you can get from Radio Shack.


    Nikon Coolpix 4800. Has a great macro feature. I'm using a couple goose neck desk lamps witih standard 60 watt light bulbs (set your white balance to tungsten). Some scrap matte board from my wife's picture matting for a background. here it is.


    And the fly in the set up shot.

  19. Very nice Ron. Thanks for sharing. Where by chance did you pick-up the small tripod?
  20. PatM,

    I think it may have been BestBuy or one of those stores in the camera department. I think it ran about $20. With the legs compressed it is very sturdy, but I wouldn't trust it with the legs extended. Table top use only. For Macro pics of actual bugs or flies, the tripod is a must.

    The metal thingy that the test clip is epoxied to is also from Radio Shack. It's used to hold small parts while soldering and came with alligator clip on the ends. The alligator clips came off and a test cllip went on. Makes it very easy to position the fly is the frame, adjust angles, etc.


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