Egg sizes and colors?

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    What color eggs are being eaten in the rivers in Snohomish county? Was going to tie some Steelhead egg flies, but not sure what color to use? Pink, Red or Peach color? 4, 6 or 10mm ?
    Otter's Soft Eggs Is what I was wanting to use with some egg veil. I probably wont use them, but depending on my location, I might. I heard that eggs are bad for catch and release and I almost always release the fish I catch. But I want to tie some and add to my fly box.
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    I just buy mine online.
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    I'm not a fan of the otters eggs because I think of any "egg pattern" out there, those things have the potential to lethally hook fish. If you're gonna go that route (realistic single egg) why not run with trout beads? If they were lethal there would be no more trout left in Alaska.
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    My favorite round flies (glo bug, anvil egg, b**ds) are cerise and or Orange. 10mm or 8mm.
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    In keeping with the season, give these a try.
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    well said, belive TU AK encourages pegging beads over egg patterns, Evan confirm please
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    One safe option for the fish might be hevi beads. I've fished them in the Methow and Wenatchee with success. Place the bead 2-3 finger widths above the hook, and when you get the take, set the hook (duh!). Hooks em in the lip every time!
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    Just tie an egg fly with a trailing stinger hook and clip the first hook. It's a fly, AND it's safer for the fish probably (#suckitwyoming). Have I ever used one? No. Am I a goddamn egg magician? Also no. BUT LOOK UPON IT IN ALL OF ITS EGGY GLORY. DSCN0261.JPG

    Also, purple works for any fly ever. Try it.
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    Happy Easter

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    Scary man-hand there Red
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    My MOMS!
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